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Fashion Film: Kilón Shélé Gán Gán

by Mowalola Ogunlesi on 19 October 2017

Graduate Designer Mowalola Ogunlesi’s fashion film exposes the diversity of real life in Lagos.

Graduate Designer Mowalola Ogunlesi’s fashion film exposes the diversity of real life in Lagos.

Georgina Evans: What made you decide to showcase your work in the medium of fashion film? Did you enjoy the process? 

Mowalola Ogunlesi: My collection celebrated my culture through my eyes so I wanted to work with Dafe and create this film so we could expose people to the world of the Mowalola man in a sort of disconnected dreamlike way. I enjoyed the process so much as Lagos is such a visually busy and colourful city so I was fully immersed into the hustle of the city.

GE: Tell me about the making of the film, how did it come about? 

MO: The film was created by accident because originally i was just coming to Nigeria for a photoshoot but I came across Dafe's work on instagram and I had to collaborate with him on this. It was important for us to expose the diversity of real life in Lagos through this film.

GE: From designer to director! How did you find the directorial role?

MO: Working with Dafe was very natural. I really liked how we were able to combine our different styles and viewpoints in the film. But as a designer I am constantly inspired by films, From Nollywood to seventies Senegalese films, especially by director Djibril Diop Mambéty. Being exposed to his films, such as Touki Boouki, inspired me to reinvent African films by introducing some weirdness to it.

GE: The boys look beautiful in your designs, how did they react to the clothes? 

MO: They loved the clothes, it was so refreshing to have them feel so powerful and untouchable. I feel like they could relate to the overall mood of the collection and it's good to see the idea of masculinity in Nigeria subtly evolving. 

GE: The team here are in love with this film! Can we expect more film from you?

MO: Yes, I will be working on my music video next, which I cannot wait to start. I have been planning and researching for months now. 

Dàfe Oboro and Mowalola Ogunlesi
Our Casting
Styling Assistance:
Stephen Tayo
Film Assistance:
Deto Black
Lane Stewart



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