Fashion Film Submissions

Launched on 15 June 2017 — ongoing

Nick Knight invites aspiring filmmakers from across the globe to submit their work for the chance to be showcased online. A selection of submissions that inspire or impress him will released at regular intervals. Send your work to to be considered for inclusion.

Main Contributors




13 December 2001
The first ever global, live-streamed fashion shoot, in which nine top models were styled, made-up and put to bed at The Metropolitan Hotel.

Moving Fashion

29 September 2005
Nick Knight challenged leading fashion figures - Kate Moss, David Bailey and Linda Evangelista among many others - to make 30 second films representing clothes through sound and motion.

Editing Fashion

19 December 2005
An enquiry into the craft of film editing. A number of professional editors tackled the same footage to produce an eclectic series of fashion films.