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Fashion Film: My Ideal Brothers

by Boyhood Garments Official on 16 June 2017

A deeply personal fashion film on the themes of sibling relationships and rewriting personal histories.

A deeply personal fashion film on the themes of sibling relationships and rewriting personal histories.

Georgina Evans: Tell me about the storyline behind My Ideal Brothers.

Samuel Cerrudo: My Ideal Brothers was born from a childhood feeling of pride towards my brothers and an introversion that was provoked by them. When I was younger my day-to-day relationship with my brothers was hateful and this created an introversion that affected trusting my parents and friends and giving opportunities to new people in my life. It was a constant war in all the ramifications of my life. Something that continues to frustrate me is the fear that my brothers do not know what I really feel for them and whether they feel the same way. I have always tried to show them everything I would do and give for them in a nonverbal way. The below text served as a guiding thread to build the story.

‘To draw together all our feelings, with no walls to surround and hide our real identity. A stimulus not to hurt me day after day. Not to hit my vital functions and lead me to the path of fear, sadness and suffering. To give a temporary break to my state of mind that wears out, and destroys any trace of purity left in me. Transforms my innocence into cruelty, and my punishment into martyrdom. I need a stimulus to let go of the ethical distortion of this beast. To clear the fog that takes part in trying to destroy me. A feeling to cover us, healing our deficiencies. To inspire a security in me to overcome my stumbling and errors. A stimulus to make me proud of having what we are, brothers.’

GE: How do you approach the inclusion of fashion in a shoot?

SC: The starting point for developing my clothes was the psychology of children and the process of maturation. How it affects them when developing, expressing and communicating. My main goal is to focus on people with the experiences or stories - I embody these in each garment. I want to create a special link between the sender and receiver, so when they see the garment they perceive a feeling. Customers also receive a letter when they acquire a garment, where they are informed of the feeling that led me to create that garment.

GE: Can you tell me about the making of this film?

SC: I took the director to see the location before the shoot and we went crazy because we saw so many narratives that could be told in the fashion film, but we had very limited time. In spite of this, it was very beautiful because from the beginning the actors perfectly understood the role of each brother and there was an outstanding work harmony from each of the team members.

GE: You're trained as a fashion designer, how did you get into filmmaking as a medium?

SC: During my second year, we were proposed to create a brand of denim fabric from the main idea of development and materialisation - from concept, collection, lookbook, campaign and fashion film. I realised that video was a fundamental tool in my professional development as it gave me the ability to convey what I embodied in my designs in a more real and human way.

Creative Direction:
Direction and Edit:
Hector Herce
Alejandro Buera
Nicolas Alfonso, Adrian Villa, Hans Benedikt, Alberto Marco
Marcos Cerrudo Andujar, Marcos Cerrudo Castelo
Camera Assistance:
Antonio Sanz
Camera Assistance:
Angel Lopez
Carolina Rodriguez Guerra
'Gnossiennes-No.4' by Satie



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