Arms: Sy Blake

by Sy Blake on 22 July 2022

The 3D artist Sy Blake explores the arm's role as part of the whole body, whilst also showcasing it as a landscape in its own right.

The 3D artist Sy Blake explores the arm's role as part of the whole body, whilst also showcasing it as a landscape in its own right.

  • How would you describe what you do?

Sy Blake: I am a 3D Artist, working digitally and with 3D printing and mould-making techniques both for the screen and as physical art toys and figures.

  • What’s your background?

SB: I was born in London, England, my parents are from the Caribbean, St Lucia and Jamaica.

  • What inspires you?

SB: I get most of my inspiration from the world around me, friends, family, the media we all consume, sci-fi, fantasy, movies and a general sense of Black Joy.

  • What is the ambition behind your practice?

SB: I am very keen on telling short stories through visual media, be that in the form of a digital image, a 3D print, an articulated art toy, or clothing. I want to be able to create and demonstrate a balance in any industry I’m in, focusing on diversity in visual characters and stories.

  • What did you hope to convey with your Bodies Of Knowledge film?

SB: I was tasked with contributing to the overall Bodies of Knowledge, with my particular focus being the arm. The arm as we know does not exist on its own, it serves as a part of the whole. I wanted to create a visual that focused on the arm, showcasing it as a landscape, a major part of the body in its own right. I wanted to personify it and give it a voice; what would it say, how would it think, how would it remind us of its value.

I couldn’t think of a better person to collaborate with than my brilliant friend Ezi Odozor. Ezi has a way of breathing life into the most mundane sentences, Ezi is a wordsmith and I needed that to accompany the visuals. I needed to hear the arm speak as the camera traversed over its landscape, and Ezi delivered in such a short time frame, to beautiful execution. I’m very proud of her and what we created together.

Film Concept and Direction:
Ezi Odozor
'Obatala' by The Way of The Orishas: The Yoruba Drums



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