Heart: Cedric Mizero

by Cedric Mizero on 22 July 2022

Artist Cedric Mizero interprets the heart through a film born out of a craving to share stories from home.

Artist Cedric Mizero interprets the heart through a film born out of a craving to share stories from home.

  • How would you describe what you do?

Cedric Mizero: My name is Cedric Mizero and I am a Rwandan artist.

  • What's your background?

CM: Artist.

  • What inspires you?

CM: At the age of 22, I created the 'Fashion for All' project, a long-term artistic commitment to draw people’s attention to the often-invisible humans of the rural and poorer areas of Rwanda.

  • What is the ambition behind your practice?

CM: All my life I have been looking for that 'something' strange and contrasting. I've always been experimenting with what I would go on to later understand as my artistic and creative expression since a very early age. I feel a deep connection with nature, culture and people and I find enormous beauty in the everyday details.

  • What did you hope to convey with your Bodies Of Knowledge film?

CM: My creations are born out of a craving to share stories from home; the behaviours and beliefs of my people and the language of the planet we live in, as well as a desire to give birth to the world that exists in my head when I am there. Sometimes these creations may confuse the audience, or serve them as a call.

Film Concept and Direction:
Marie Nyiramajyambere, Much Fiston, @dj_bigfiston, Muja
Ishmael Azeli
Sound Design:
Ngabo wa Ganza
Sound Edit:
Set Design:
Nizeyimana Claude, Muja Innocent
Alejandro Jiménez
Production Assistance:
Riccardo Sankara
Special Thanks to:
Innocent Munyeshuri, Ishimwe Sharon



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