Healing: Vinson Fraley Jr

by Vinson Fraley on 22 July 2022

The performance artist explores the healing joy of solitude in a film.

The performance artist explores the healing joy of solitude in a film.

  • How would you describe what you do?

Vinson Fraley Jr: I am a performance artist, dancer , musician, researcher, and model.

  • What's your background?

VF: Black/African American.

  • What inspires you?

VF: So many things…poetry, sounds, night life, science, film, family, community, sports, etc. I think I’m most inspired by experiencing new things; being introduced to innovative ideas and ways of thinking.

  • What is the ambition behind your practice?

VF: My desire to understand my purpose in this life. When I’m fully rooted in my practice, it feels spiritual and necessary for me to create. I am driven to use all parts of my facility to share expressions that can make other people feel and think deeply.

What did you hope to convey with your Bodies Of Knowledge film?

VF: I wanted this piece to express the joy that can be found in solitude, that even when we feel our most alone we are surrounded and held by love. In this state of isolation I have the freedom of confronting all parts of myself. I believe we have the ability to use movement as a vehicle for transporting ourselves into whatever state we desire.

Film Concept and Direction:
Ulla Straus



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