Video Diary: Florence

by Asia Argento on 23 October 2006

Next up on the list of Asia's F-words - 'Florence'.

Next up on the list of Asia's F-words - 'Florence'.

Pietro Maggioni
13:47 Mon 23 Oct 2006
i can barely hear it, but maybe it's my pc's fault...

14:00 Mon 23 Oct 2006
no reason to such a sad face

warm gun
14:29 Mon 23 Oct 2006
Hi asia, I wanna ask you how is the first time you met Marco..if you speak about Florence I think about a breathe of love. a kiss

14:30 Mon 23 Oct 2006
Florence is a museum, a mausoleum. Which one. Is there a difference?

15:10 Mon 23 Oct 2006
you have been such a fantastic person opening yourself like this to everybody,and it has been abeautiful insight into you.I am sure even if there has been some questions that lesser actresses would have shyed from you have been frank,intelligent,funny,and daring with your answers.Some of your messages are just pure poetry. So,I will ask you one more question and that will be my last for I have to go now,and will not see the Finale of this fantastic Asia,speak to me about Fucking,one last time. Thank you for allowing me to meet you here.

billy 23
17:19 Mon 23 Oct 2006
hello my friend. wild is the wind. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx and a message for harley... a kiss is just a kiss. a fuck is just a fuck. love is where the heart is. billy23 - the portals kid

18:57 Mon 23 Oct 2006
billy take your head out of asia's ass

Se'an O'Brien
11:30 Tue 24 Oct 2006
I like clips like this the best, just her talking like I'm right there with her.

23:12 Tue 24 Oct 2006
I would love it if they made american women as beautiful and interesting as you. I would never stop kissing you if I knew you. I don't understand how a woman with eyes like yours doesn't have men and women melting at her feet. You are so far away yet when you speak I feel you. To hell with what anyone else says. You are an Artist.

23:22 Tue 24 Oct 2006
girovagavo senza meta. e mi spunti tu. ti ricordi di maxlalama? ora mi guardo il resto. ciao Mà

Styling (womenswear):
Styling (menswear):
Mark McMahon
Set Design:
Janine Trott
Film Edit:
Ian Sands
Sharmin Nordien
Photographic Assistance:
Simon Thistleton, Ruth Hogben
Hair Assistance:
Peter Lux
Make-up Assistance:
Karina Woodruff
Set Design Assistance:
Andy Knight, Sophie Rook, Mark Righo, Meryl Davies, Rhea Thierstein, Louisa Thoughton
Production Assistance:
Karina Aloupi


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