Video Diary: Good Night Moon

by Asia Argento on 18 October 2006

Asia Argento lent us another peek into her life, don't forget to read the comments for the full Web 2.0 effect.

Asia Argento lent us another peek into her life, don't forget to read the comments for the full Web 2.0 effect.

I know that you are a witch..i see you in real mask very may look as you want..but i have for seen you true..

00:33 18 Oct 2006

00:28 18 Oct 2006
Ma belle Asia,if you are so open talk, to me about fetish .I know what you will say . I am loving hearing your voice again.

00:36 18 Oct 2006
i know that asia is a witch..don't insult me..i know witches..

00:38 18 Oct 2006
pardone mia

00:49 18 Oct 2006
i want that toy with voice..for sleep what is?

maria n
01:01 18 Oct 2006
You have to give soo much of yourself to be famouse. Is fame a fair price for your soul?

01:24 18 Oct 2006
i like how people hate on her.. its pretty entertaining.. i think she's an amazing human being and much more interesting than the ordinary people like you. who the hell believe in witches these days? lol

01:25 18 Oct 2006
and who the cares?!

04:46 18 Oct 2006
does asia reply to any of these? or is it just her film us type she read? I don't know why, but it is reassuring to see a star as human, sorry if that sounds sick, but it is. I am curious is all

07:15 18 Oct 2006
Good-night, Miss Asia.

11:09 18 Oct 2006
Did you videotape your daughter so she wouldn't forget? Or so that you wouldn't forget?

Se'an O'Brien
11:16 21 Oct 2006
I used to fall asleep talking to my girlfriend on the phone. That just reminded me of when I used to have one.

01:09 15 Nov 2006
Margaret Wise Brown...

Styling (womenswear):
Styling (menswear):
Mark McMahon
Set Design:
Janine Trott
Film Edit:
Ian Sands
Sharmin Nordien
Photographic Assistance:
Simon Thistleton, Ruth Hogben
Hair Assistance:
Peter Lux
Make-up Assistance:
Karina Woodruff
Set Design Assistance:
Andy Knight, Sophie Rook, Mark Righo, Meryl Davies, Rhea Thierstein, Louisa Thoughton
Production Assistance:
Karina Aloupi



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