Video Diary: Fellini

by Asia Argento on 19 October 2006

Asia Argento monologues on the topic of Fellini, his obsessions and recurring characters and the narcissism of loving art.

Asia Argento monologues on the topic of Fellini, his obsessions and recurring characters and the narcissism of loving art.

00:15 19 Oct 2006
Asia non mi ignorare..rispondi ad una mia domanda.. Ti sei offesa per averti dato della strega? Cmq rispondi sempre alla stessa persona..Fammi un po' vedere che il tuo non è fingere.. Giulietta degli Spiriti è molto esoterico.. La domanda che ti voglio fare è : Come è il tuo rapporto con l'esoterismo?

00:15 19 Oct 2006
Beautiful Soul, you may not remember me, but this is the other lonely girl in Knoxville who is going to paint you a picture. You do have friends, Beautiful Soul. Thank you for letting us be privy to your thoughts. - Kristen Leigh

00:39 19 Oct 2006
I think that today there's only one great Italian director, Nanni Moretti.. what do you think about him? do you identify in his movies? I know you didn't like to shoot Palombella rossa, but how was it to work with him?

13:15 21 Oct 2006
Besides the search for self, art throughout all of history, is and has been the search for God. All great art has something sacred and religious about it. It is no different with cinema: Chaplin, Renroir, Bresson, Ozu, Dreyer, Rossellini, Pasolini, Antonioni, Fellini etc, and now van sant who seems to have transformed himself in the last few years. And it doesnt matter if the artist is an atheist, for atheism is a profoundly religious state. When art is lacking the search for trancendence, all that remains is style, fashion, and tedious repetition. What we have today mostly....

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Styling (menswear):
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