Video Diary: Fun

by Asia Argento on 19 October 2006

Asia muses on 'fun' and motherhood in her latest vlog, as her loyal followers continue to comment...

Asia muses on 'fun' and motherhood in her latest vlog, as her loyal followers continue to comment...

13:32 19 Oct 2006
you seem so fearless now in your outward persona, im just wondering, were you ever afraid and taught yourself out of it or were you brought up to not know fear or do you just do the opposite to how you feel to not become stagnant?

14:08 19 Oct 2006
Asia, mi amore, your affraid of nothing. is there anything you won't talk about now,fucking,fellatio.......? Where is this going?

16:28 19 Oct 2006
I have fun in see you..belive me :D

17:54 19 Oct 2006
oh this is all too heavy,I know this is dumb ,but please just tell me about your cooking,the food you like,just something domestic.

Se'an O'Brien
11:56 21 Oct 2006
You are the perfect mother.

billy 23
07:37 22 Oct 2006
hello my friend... fear of the unknow is fear of living. you truly live. child angel 'a' loves beauty because she is borne of beauty. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx

15:42 27 Oct 2006
.. its the best thing you could give. an extension of yourself, in your daughter. asia lives forever. that's so beautiful.. you are beautiful. bella. xoxo

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