Video Diary: Arrivederci

by Asia Argento on 25 October 2006

Asia grieves her losses in the penultimate, cinematic video diary of Don't Bother to Knock.

Asia grieves her losses in the penultimate, cinematic video diary of Don't Bother to Knock.

Video Comments

00:05 Thu 26 Oct 2006
Beauty of despair. I like the tragic atmosphere, the light, the music ,the sound of the coals and youre body in the middle of it all

00:13 Thu 26 Oct 2006
One of the most beautiful videos of them all... and another mention to Simone Simon and Cat people... my God :-))))

billy 23
00:25 Thu 26 Oct 2006
hello my friend. has the camera taken control? is it more painful to lose your mind or your heart? tomorrow belongs to you. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx

Oscar Arzamendi
16:34 Wed 01 Nov 2006
dramatic, erotic, wonderful.

Styling (womenswear):
Styling (menswear):
Mark McMahon
Set Design:
Janine Trott
Film Edit:
Ian Sands
Sharmin Nordien
Photographic Assistance:
Simon Thistleton, Ruth Hogben
Hair Assistance:
Peter Lux
Make-up Assistance:
Karina Woodruff
Set Design Assistance:
Andy Knight, Sophie Rook, Mark Righo, Meryl Davies, Rhea Thierstein, Louisa Thoughton
Production Assistance:
Karina Aloupi



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