Video Diary: Boy

by Asia Argento on 23 October 2006

Asia's new lover makes an appearance in her latest video diary.

Asia's new lover makes an appearance in her latest video diary.

Video Comments

18:22 Mon 23 Oct 2006
Maybe you can arrange a role for him as the (not so) reliable foreign student who seems to help you with the mystery around the urn but who might be a male witch.(If Dario needs someone to rewrite the script of "The mother of tears" you know were to find me.haha)

18:32 Mon 23 Oct 2006
I better leave it to youre father to write an odd lovescene for the two of you. Maybe a matras filled with grasshoppers who wake up and are pissed of when you make love on the bed.

19:31 Mon 23 Oct 2006
Asia dove lo hai trovato? Chi è Tazio di Morte a Venezia? Visconti Rulez? ahah:D

billy 23
00:01 Tue 24 Oct 2006
hello my friend. curiouser and curiouser. your friend, billy23 - the portals kid xxxxxx

Se'an O'Brien
11:34 Tue 24 Oct 2006
What the Christ are these people talking about?

19:22 Tue 24 Oct 2006
you should stick to making movies like xxx

Styling (womenswear):
Styling (menswear):
Mark McMahon
Set Design:
Janine Trott
Film Edit:
Ian Sands
Sharmin Nordien
Photographic Assistance:
Simon Thistleton, Ruth Hogben
Hair Assistance:
Peter Lux
Make-up Assistance:
Karina Woodruff
Set Design Assistance:
Andy Knight, Sophie Rook, Mark Righo, Meryl Davies, Rhea Thierstein, Louisa Thoughton
Production Assistance:
Karina Aloupi



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