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Pleasure: Aaron Rose Philip

by Aaron Rose Philip on 22 July 2022

The model conveys the subjective nature of emotion, specifically pleasure, in a film by John Novotny.

The model conveys the subjective nature of emotion, specifically pleasure, in a film by John Novotny.

  • What is your name and how would you describe what you do?

Aaron Rose Philip: My name is Aaron Rose Philip and I work full time as a model & artist, but really I’m a jack of all trades :)

  • What's your background?

ARP: I was born in Antigua, an island in the Caribbean, and I‘ve lived in the US pretty much my entire life!

  • What inspires you?

ARP: What inspires me is using fashion as a means of creating real, true visual art.

  • What is the ambition behind your practice?

ARP: The ambition behind my practice is seeking to make an incredible image every time and elevate and shift perceptions of what I can do and how as a talent.

  • What did you hope to convey with your Bodies Of Knowledge film?

ARP: In my Bodies of Knowledge film with John Novotny, we interpreted our version of the feeling of pleasure, and turned it on its head. We wanted to convey that pleasure is subjective and it is however it appears to one who’s experiencing pleasure, even if pleasure is a little bit rough around the edges sometimes.

Film Concept and Creative Direction:
Aaron Rose Philip, John Novotny
Aidan Doyle
Grey Hoffman
Olivia Jo
Lake Stein
John Novotny
Set Design:
Megan Nishiyama
Styling Assistance:
Maggie Kavanagh
Set Design Assistance:
Casilda Garcia Lopez
Sound Design:
Richie Keo



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