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Day 6:

published on 10 May 2021

A selection of contemporary artists reveal the main inspirations that feature in their work for the sixth day of the takeover.

A selection of contemporary artists reveal the main inspirations that feature in their work for the sixth day of the takeover.

What are the main inspirations in your work?

Britt Lloyd

The overwhelming greatness of landscapes and nature juxtaposed with the beauty of the male form.

Drag Syndrome

Our main inspirations are contemporary and classical art, avant-garde fashion, experimental and pop music. We also get a lot of resistance, hate and bullying which makes us stronger and inspires us to be bolder and louder.

Fecal Matter

Our main inspiration is the unknown. Things that don’t necessarily exist yet but are possible to imagine. Those aspects of the imagination inspire us to create new realities.

Joseph Häxan

Nature and our relationship with it, the inside and the outside kind. The occult - particularly rites, rituals, crystal balls, and esoterica. Mist, water, wind and the orbit of moons around planets and planets around the sun. I love science and science fiction, horror cinema. Some of my biggest inspirations are Lars von Trier, Stanley Kubrick, David LaChapelle, Hiroshige, Nick Knight, Yayoi Kusama, Zdzisław Beksiński, David Lynch and a lot of classic painters and composers.

Metta Modernist

I am irrevocably infatuated with our human dilemma and the fictions we feed ourselves, the ones the world feeds us, and the ones internalised by our very own authorship. We've developed a philosophical movement called the AfroAbsurd which seeks to incorporate men and women of African descent into recognising our collective historical and present experience as people, and the need to find meaning and justification of their uniqueness while existing simultaneously with the benign indifference of the universe. Absurdism, viewed through the lens of the African experience, evolves into a unique position.

Mimi Haddon

Pagan costume and Ritual from around the world. Vintage Clothing. Craft. Oracle Decks. Circus. Mythologies. Excess. Color. Fairy Tales. Vintage puppet TV. Natural History Museums. Animal Encyclopedias. Anatomy. Dada. Butoh. In the early stages of the project I drew inspiration from Tarot and Oracle Decks. The first shoot I did in November 2018, I spent a week pulling items to create characters inspired by traditional Tarot. Then as I began working more with the dancers, I began seeing that they bring in their own energy and gravitate naturally into creating their own archetype and inventing an entirely new entity. I have created a WIP oracle deck called The Palace Wild. It is a deck of 80 cards and I pull from it every day. I learn so much from these Palace Guides! Regarding Natural History Museums: When my kids were younger we frequented the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. For me, looking into the life size dioramas that must have taken hundreds of hours to create, is like stepping into another universe. We have a very dog-eared animal encyclopedia in our home library and I would often make sketches from it, for my children, of their favorite animals. I have always loved mythological creatures, shape shifters and wonder about the beings that are around us, that our senses just cannot pick up with our sensory limitations. Regarding Dance: I really love the rigor of Butoh Dance. While I was working on my MFA in Fiber/Textile I was able to take a few classes from an incredible husband wife team Oguri and Roxanne Steinberg in Venice at The Electric Lodge. It came at a time when I was creating stuffed creatures and the process of these physical experiences made me rethink the human body. Through subtle movements and breath awareness, participants are encouraged to access areas of the body that usually go unnoticed. I think about this powerful dance when I am working and think about what can be revealed to the mover with a simple shift of weight or awkward gesture.


Nature, human emotions, Japanese culture.

Shalva Nikvashvili

My work and my personal life is one line. It’s always based on my experiences, observations and memories.

Sinéad O’Dwyer

Individual bodies are the beginning point to my work so my muses are definitely my main inspiration. Their shape is where I begin and end the process. Artist and model Jade O Belle @jade_o_belle has been my main collaborator in this respect ever since my MA.


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