Hell Is Empty. And All The Devils Are Here

Launched on 15 September 2015

Nick Knight reimagines The Tempest for the October 2015 issue of W magazine, with the help of Daphne Guinness and Simon Foxton. While the play has only one female character, Miranda, Knight cast Guinness as the male protagonist Prospero; a nod to her power and regality. Performance artists RIDDLES, IMMA/MESS and model Alex Farnworth also embody the spirit and style of Shakespeare’s characters.



Pop Poupée

04 August 2003
Jane How and Mario Sorrenti recreated pop culture idols from cheese, cake and liquorice for the April 2003 issue of W magazine.


05 June 2003
Nick Knight and his team laid bare the labour behind glossy fashion images in a couture shoot for W Magazine.

Fancy Pants

02 February 2004
Photographer Jason Evans and stylist Simon Foxton teamed up to create a totally spontaneous photoshoot.
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