Fancy Pants

Launched on 02 February 2004

In January 2004 photographer Jason Evans and stylist Simon Foxton took an i-D menswear shoot as an opportunity to have fun with a creative gamble. Eschewing the comfort of careful pre-planning, conventional casting and extensive pictorial referencing, long-time collaborators Evans and Foxton aimed instead for an experimental mood in Fancy Pants.

Main Contributors



Corporate Aesthetics

20 December 2000
Emulating the high production values of slick 'fill' or 'sting' breaks, photographer Jason Evans came up with his own version of those 'annoying little bursts of eye candy'.


10 November 2000
In this atypical ode to the Spring/Summer 2000 collections, stylist Jane How's wearable sweetie-wrapper constructions meet Nick Knight's 3-D scanner.


20 December 2000
A four year-old, a one year-old and two three year-olds run the show in this exploration of childhood creativity.
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