Design Download

Launched on 30 May 2002 — ongoing

In 2002 SHOWstudio launched the first Design Download - a series offering prestigious designer garment patterns for free, seeking to demystify and democratise the fashion process. SHOWstudio viewers are gifted a unique opportunity to study, interpret and construct intricate runway pieces, and invited to submit the results to inspire future learners. In some years chosen viewers have won prizes for their submissions, from original art to fashion films featuring their garment.



Punk: DIY

07 May 2013
Embracing Punk's underlying ethos of DIY and self expression, SHOWstudio opened up its latest film season to viewers.

Made In Hollywood

04 July 2003
A tribute to legendary rodeo tailor Nudie, with contributions from fashion photographer Craig McDean and cultural critic Mark Simpson.

Antony Price: For Your Pleasure

17 February 2009
Featuring never-before-seen materials from the designer's archive, SHOWstudio unpicks the seams of Antony Price's four decade long fashion career.
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