Punk: DIY

Launched on 07 May 2013

Embracing Punk's underlying ethos of DIY and self expression, SHOWstudio opened up its latest film season to viewers. We asked fashion filmmakers and animators to get creative and submit their work for the chance to be showcased onsite in our Punk series.



Punk: Bart Hess and Ruth Hogben

21 August 2013
Designer Bart Hess and filmmaker Ruth Hogben joined forces to create a punk inspired garment live in our studio.

Design Download

25 December 2023
An ongoing series of downloadable patterns from globally acclaimed designers. Download, study and make your own work of couture craftsmanship.


27 March 2014
A fashion film series exploring punk's central theme of personal expression, with contributions by the likes of Judy Blame, Bella Freud, Liberty Ross and Tom Guinness.
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