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Eliza Cummings by Helen Bullock

published on 2 November 2018

“Be like water.”

- Eliza Cummings

“Be like water.”

Illustration: Helen Bullock
“Alasdair’s Girls" 'Love' 17.5 Photographer: Alasdair McLellan Hair: Anthony Turner Stylist: Katie Grand Clothing: Miu Miu faux fur hat, Jane Bourvis Vintage sheer top and underskirt, Gucci floral patterned socks
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Interview: Bex Cassie on Fashion Illustration

07 February 2018
Curator Bex Cassie, interviewed by Lara Johnson-Wheeler in Copenhagen about SHOWstudio's Fashion Illustration Gallery at CIFF, February 2018.
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Lily Newmark by Cathrine Raben Davidsen

02 November 2018
Model Lily Newmark selects one of the first fashion images of herself to be interpreted for SHOWstudio’s 100 Women exhibition.
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Anna Cleveland by Poppy Waddilove

02 November 2018
Model Anna Cleveland selects an image of herself on the Jean Paul Gaultier runway to be interpreted for SHOWstudio’s 100 Women exhibition.
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