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Day 6: Mimma Viglezio

published on 6 December 2018

Editor and creative consultant Mimma Viglezio is taking over the SHOWstudio Tumblr to share advice from her career. Explore her sixth 'lesson'.

Editor and creative consultant Mimma Viglezio is taking over the SHOWstudio Tumblr to share advice from her career. Explore her sixth 'lesson'.

No comment needed. Photo by Justin Hofman.
A September 2008 photo released by the Ocean Conservancy on 10 March, 2009, shows a trash-covered beach in Manilla, Philippines. (Tamara Thoreson Pierce/Ocean Conservancy/AP). The young generations can still change the world and our planet. We screwed up big time, but there is still time to act.
Nobody should die to make our clothes, nobody should be enslaved to keep our prices low. Nobody should accept to pay less for a T-shirt than a coffee. Please people, be responsible in the way you shop, create, produce. Credit: MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/AFP/Getty Images
From the Huffpost article, published on 2 September 2012.
Ninety Percent works with a promise: it shares 90% of its distributable profits between causes they support and the people who make their collections. Each piece has an ECO label with a unique code, empowering the customer to vote and support a cause from one of those Ninety Percent which support. Photo courtesy Ninety Percent website
Stella McCartney was always a pioneer in sustainability in fashion. Here is the brand commitment.
“Born out of a passion for denim and sustainability, E.L.V. Denim source vintage jeans and transform them into modern styles. Each pair is made from start to finish in East London to minimize waste and impact on the environment. A great way to eliminate waist and make your purchase more ethical and sustainable.” - E.L.V. Denim Photo courtesy of E.L.V Denim website
All tote bags from FEED provide at least 10 school meals (some provide much more) for undernourished children across the world. You can found a for-profit company and still be charitable. You can make money with the intent to share some of it with the world. Photo courtesy of FEED website
Biofabrication, design informed by biology, these are some of the solutions for a better and sustainable future. I learned so much when I became an advisor of Modern Meadow and helped launch ZOA, the first organic leather made entirely in a lab. We can’t keep exhausting the planet, but we have the technology and the brains to imitate nature and create perfect products in labs.
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