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published on 13 December 2001

A selection of stills from an all-night webcam shoot by Nick Knight.

A selection of stills from an all-night webcam shoot by Nick Knight.

Zora Star, 10 December 2001. Skirt and jacket by Hamish Morrow, top by Roland Mouret.
Fanni and Kate Elson, 10 December, 2001. Fanni wears skirt and top by Antonio Berardi, shorts by Yohji Yamamoto. Kate wears top and skirt by Hussein Chalayan, cape by Alberta Ferretti.
Anna-Maria Cseh, 10 December, 2001. Jacket and trousers by Boudicca.
Line Gost, 10 December, 2001. Dress by John Rocha, top by Yohji Yamamoto.
Liberty Ross, 11 December 2001. Briefs and riding crop by Agent Provocateur, fringe top, shoes, skull cap and cape, all vintage.
Natasha Prince, 11 December 2001. Jumpsuit and belt, both vintage from Rellik.
Élise Crombez, 11 December 2001. Dress, trousers and eye mask, all vintage.
Devon Aoki, 11 December 2001. Dress and shoes, vintage.
Axis 2100 webcams provided with kind support by:
Axis Communications Ltd
Simon Foxton, Jonathan Kaye, Sidonie Barton
Pebble lights:
Fanni at Models 1, Kate Elson at Models 1, Line Gost at Models 1, Anna Maria Cseh at Select, Devon Aoki at Storm, Liberty Ross at Storm, Natasha Prince at Storm, Elise Crombez at Storm
Philippa Oakley-Hill
Sam McKnight at Premier
Technical Development:
Chris Raettig
Sharon Dowsett at Premier
Marian Newman at Premier
Concept and Direction:


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