Launched on 07 May 2013

In March 2013, SHOWstudio teamed up with Una Burke to create a SHOWcabinet installation entitled Prosthetics. Taking inspiration from the Ancient Greek meaning of the word–'to add', 'to advance' or 'to give power to'–SHOWstudio created a season of fashion films and discussions to further explore the empowering aspects of prosthetics alongside the exhibition.




04 July 2017
Nick Knight unites with reality-star Kylie Jenner in an exclusive, live streamed shoot for for V Magazine.


07 February 2020
A collection of women celebrate their bodies through independent touch and movement in emerging designer Sinéad O'Dwyer's wearable sculptures.

SHOWcabinet: Prosthetics

02 March — 31 May 2013
The term 'prosthetic' is now attributed to the branch of surgery dedicated to replacing missing or defective limbs, but to the Ancient Greeks it was an altogether more assertive concept meaning 'to add', 'to advance' or 'to give power to'.
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