Pirelli Calendar

Launched on 01 December 2004

The concept for an annual calendar produced by the Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli was born in 1962, when its UK subsidiary attempted to rival the parent company's sophisticated grasp of strategic advertising. Stellar work at magazines including Town and Vogue earned Terence Donovan the commission to shoot the first calendar in 1963: the emphasis on including products in the images, however, gave way in later years to concentrating on portraits of accessible, attainable girls, in line with the aesthetic of London-based style imagery of the 'swinging' Sixties. Print numbers soared during the 1970s from 4,000 to 40,000 as the calendar hit the mainstream. Since then, this highly influential bench-mark of popular Western erotica has undergone several design overhauls and shifts in ideological focus.



Put Your Head on My Shoulders

19 August 2018
Drawing on Nick Knight's September 2017 editorial for British Vogue, Britt Lloyd's fashion film, Put Your Head on My Shoulders sees Raquel Zimmermann raise the temperature of the room in a potent mix of texture and sequin.

Fashion Fetish

22 March 2012
A coven of women in fashion - including Liberty Ross, Valerie Steele and Dasha Zhukova - explore the relationship between fashion and fetish.


20 December 2000
A project about privacy, celebrity and surveillance; Nick Knight captures Supermodel Kate Moss in voyeuristic action from a Madison Avenue skyscraper.
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