Antigone Under Hypnosis

Launched on 25 November 2004

In March and June 2004, the Parisian art directors M/M (Paris) collaborated with esteemed conductor Christophe Rousset and theatre director Éric Vigner on a maverick re-staging of Tommaso Traetta's 1722 opera of Greek myth Antigone.



Hell Is Empty. And All The Devils Are Here

26 April 2016
Nick Knight reimagined The Tempest for W magazine’s October 2015 issue. Fashion comes from Givenchy, Giles, Moschino, Gareth Pugh and more.

Antigone: Lonely Planet

19 December 2017
SHOWstudio's first collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre explores the contemporary relevance of Antigone - centred around Lena Kitsopoulou's retelling of the ancient play.


09 March 2018
Aris Biniaris’s Bacchae explores the bestial power inherent in Dionysus, the God of theatre, lust and ritual madness. SHOWstudio and the Onassis Cultural Centre present a series of images exploring the raw animal nature in Biniaris’s production.
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