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Submissions Gallery: Highly Commended

published on 25 July 2019

Watch the highly commended entries to the 2019 Fashion Film Awards.

Watch the highly commended entries to the 2019 Fashion Film Awards.


Director: Fabrice Le Nezet.

A meditation on duality and moving parts, incorporating mechanical devices demonstrating tension, give and take and inflation.

  • Design & Direction: Fabrice Le Nézet
  • Music: Niccolò Chotkowski at Smider
The Funambulist Dream

Director: Yuri Pirondi & Ines von Bonhorst

Andrea is a high-wire walker. Treading far above the ground with a mixture of caution and sure-footed confidence, the expert performer (who also holds a PhD in philosophy) struck the filmmakers not only because of his artistry, but for his patient and insightful view on life.

  • Concept and Direction: Ines von Bonhorst & Yuri Pirondi
  • Performance: Andrea Loreni, Aran Buenno, Thomas Barry-Armstrong and Vitor Lodi Tonolli
  • Presentation: NOWNESS
  • Sponsor: Siviglia
  • Production: Panottica
  • Music: Michael Picknett
  • Post Production: THE MAKKINA
  • Camera Assistance: Jack Galuzzi
  • Drone Operation: Luca Biagiotti, Andrea Bertelli
  • Rigging: Daniele Gili, Marco Fausone, Domenico Conte
The Moon and the Turtle

Director: Aksinja Bellone

Two Yakuza clans seen from the perspective of a couple's relationship: love, promises, betrayal and finally revenge. Three Japanese concepts - the erotic art of ukiyo-e, the Kintzugi practice of repairing broken objects with gold, and the initiation rites of the Yakuza - help to retrace the protagonist's love story.

  • Concept and Direction: Aksinja Bellone
  • Creative Direction: Andrea Cocco, Suyu, Francesca Pellegrini
  • Voice and Translation: Akiko Kozato
  • Performance: Kirika Hatakeyama, Bomseol Kim, Sooleene, Edo, Jun Dae Hyun, Annachiara Borelli, Woo Kim, Seung Hyeok Edit: Maria Dolores Vargas
  • Styling: Silvia Campagna
  • Production: Marco Campagna, Aksinja Ballone, Stella Bonasoni, Silvia Campagna, Tommaso Matteocci, Fabio Possanzini, Maria Dolores Vargas
  • Water Scenes Production: Aksinja Bellone, Rocco Cirifino, Kinedimorae SRL
  • Cinematography: Fabio Possanzini
  • Water Cinematography: Rocco Cirifino
  • Steadicam Operation: Marco Artusi
  • Camera Assistance: Matteo Canzano, Tommaso Matteocci
  • Electrician: Francesco Marullo
  • Poster and Editorial Still Photography: Stella Bonasoni @ ProductionLink
  • Make-up: Isabella Sarti, Elena Bettanello @ MKS, Barbara Bonazza
  • Hair: Yohei Kuroshima @ Atomo, Mimmo di Maggio, Matteo Bartolini
  • Online Edit & Colour Grade: Andrea Vertone
  • Music: Opera Music '4th Grade', '7th Samurai', 'Love War', 'Lucky Number'
  • Original Soundtrack: Submixion
  • Sound Effects: Federico Motta
  • Casting: Aksinja Bellone, Stella Bonasoni, Silvia Campagna, Maria Dolores Vargas Kimono Artistry: Mamiko Ikeda @ Wakaju Kimono Service
  • Styling Assistance: Simone Baggio
  • Location: Shimokita, Milano Finger's Garden, Milano | L'Arabesque, Milano Club 2D Piscina, Milano
  • Special Thanks to: Piergiorgio Pennisi, Roberto Okabe, Lorenzo Villa

Director: John Haugh.

Inspired by Una Burke's leatherwork, the corset used in this video is both strong and delicate. In this fashion film the leather takes on a life of its own and seduces the model, wrapping around their form until finally the leather corset becomes a second skin.

  • Direction: John Haugh
  • Executive Production: Max Brady
  • Production: Pull The Trigger Post-Production: Windmill Lane
  • Creative Direction, 3D and Sound Design: Arice
  • 3D Artistry: Chris McLoughlin
  • 3D Modelling: Frantisek Valouch
  • CG Supervision: Richard Merrigan
  • Colour: Matt Branton
  • Sound Engineering: Mick Creedon
  • Post Production: Sarah O’Carroll
  • Model: Laura Kidd
  • Music: Gavin Singleton 'Beacon of Last Hope'
  • Production Management: Jim Byrne
  • Production Co-ordination: Aoife O’Neill
  • Assistant Direction: Owen Magee
  • Lighting & Camera: Tim Flemming
  • Focus Pulling: Declan King
  • DIT: Trevor Whelan
  • Grip: Steve O’Brien
  • Gaffer: Steven McCarthy
  • Electrician: Dave Durney, James McCarthy
  • Make-up: Lynn Johnston
  • Hair: David Cashman
  • Styling: Colm Corrigan
  • Paramedic: Robbie Kennedy
  • Video Assistance: Jack Prendergast
  • Trainee: Niall O’Hagan
  • Stage: Ardmore Studios
  • Lighting: Teach Solais
  • Camera: Panavision
I Dream of You in Colours That Don't Exist

Director: James Mack

Graduate collections are presented through an arcade game set-up, incorporating 8-bit graphics and retro electronic audio for a youthful fashion film.

  • Direction: James Mack
  • Fashion: Abbie Timbrell
  • Embellishment: Italia-Mari
  • Digital Artistry: Diana Ganea
  • Performance: Nadine Roberts, Lana MacIver
Begum Khan's Wonderland Fall-Winter 2018/19

Director: Pelin Kirca.

A series of animated illustrated vignettes, featuring flora and fauna for a cosmic fantasy.

  • Direction: Pelin Kirca
Business is Brutal

Director: Jack Thomson.

Set in a clinical corporate environment, a man enters for what seems to be a regular business meeting, until it descends into savagery.

  • Direction and Choreography: Jack Thomson
  • Photographic Direction: Michele Cadei
  • Set & Styling Direction: Giulia Scrimieri
  • Direction Assistance: Stephen Quildan
  • Music: ‘Uja’, Written and Performed by Tanya Tagaq (SOCAN), Jesse Zubot (SOCAN), Jean Martin (SOCAN), Michael Robert Edwards (SOCAN). Courtesy of Six Shooter Records Inc. Published by Just Isn’t Music O/B/O Third Side Music.
  • Edit: John McNabb
  • Production Management: Leanne Thompson
  • Production: Ian Fenton
  • Executive production: Patrick Collerton
  • Performance: Chihiro Kawasaki, Sam Coren, Natalie Alleston, Sandrine Monin, Carlos J.Martinez, Carmen Vazquez Marfil, Vanessa Vince-Pang, Prentice Whitlow, Asmara Cammock, Joseph Thomas

Director: Bruno Ilogti.

Part of Valentino's Camouflage collection visuals, this film sees models shot as if they are part of the location architecture, as if they are all connected in the same body.

  • Direction, Edit and Creative: Bruno Ilogti
  • Photographic Direction: Will Etchebehete
  • Art Direction: Pablo Arroyo
  • Art Production: Roberta Gigi

Director: Tyler Greco

This fashion film celebrates KOIO’s first-ever sneaker collaboration with renowned tattoo artist JonBoy. The film also features emerging creative James Whiteside and American Ballet Theatre principal dancer and professional surfer Quincy Davis.

  • Direction: Tyler Greco
  • Production: Elizabeth Victorine
  • Photographic Direction: Joe Victorine
  • 2nd Unit Photographic Direction: Tyler Haft, Luke Taylor
  • Digital Imaging: Jon Osterman
  • Movi Operation: Chris Aran, Nico Gianquinto
  • Jib Operation: Nico Gianquinto
  • Drone Operation: Brendan Banks
  • Helicopter Piloting: Chris Blanton
  • Shotover Tech: Jose Montanez
  • Camera Assistance: Cole Koehler, Kristin Kremers
  • Gaffer: Jason Duffet
  • Key Grip: Danny Green
  • Grips & Electrics: Sarah Gittens, Kat Jirles, Albin Pepe, Gabe Solorzano, Adam Wolf
  • Production Design: Rob Ebeltoft
  • Make-up Artist: Kayla Jo Berley
  • Production Assistance: Dylan Nowik, Charlie Hoffman
  • Edit: Olivier Wicki
  • Edit Assistance: Matt Elias
  • Color Grading: Kath Raisch at Company 3
  • Sound Design: Eddie Cooper, Mike Vitacco
  • Music: Tempers
  • Voice: Zekeus Franklin
  • Executive Creative Direction: Darryl Mascarenhas
  • Creative Direction: Lawrence Nimrichter
  • Visual Effects Artistry: Philana Dias, Animesh Dwivedi, David A. Elkins, James Emmerich, Marc Goldfine, Soheil Khosravinejad, Joon Lee, Matt McDonald, Andy Milkis, George Smaragdis, Sean Smith, David Soto

Director: Koji Ichikawa.

A kaleidoscopic and colourful video displaying the sheen and flexibility of hair textures.

  • Art Direction: Koji Ichikawa
  • Video: Ruslan Pelykh
Fragile Machines

Director: Derek Johnson.

The film tells the story of a married couple and the affairs that make their relationship irreparable, following a non-linear, gestural narrative—shifting between seasons, homes and oceans.

  • Direction and Production: Derek Johnson & Luke Smithers
  • Performance: Kari Jensen, Henry Alford, Sam Sam Yang, Todd Betterley
  • Photographic Direction: Evadne Gonzalez
  • Edit, Colour and Sound Design: Derek Johnson
  • Casting: Derek Johnson & Luke Smithers
  • Visual Effects: Jaafar Alnabi
  • Styling: Angela Vanderstraeten, Quinton Mulvey
  • Make-up: Juan Jaar
  • Camera Assistance: Michael de la Polla, Mitchell Davis, Katie Lau, Yuhao Yang
  • Gaffer: Andre Bonk
  • Steadicam Operation: Hajin Gyeltshen
  • Key Grip: Joseph Giles
  • Grip: William Sumrall, Grady Sumrall
  • Fashion: Peter Do, Commission, Linder, The Row, Lanvin, Costume National, Dior Wearable Sculptures: Jennifer Crupi, Dukno Yoon, Tiffany Parbs

Director: Ethan Hart.

The film features a personal collection created by designer Abiola Onabule, merging family memories and heritage with the Aso–Oke fabric at the heart of the design process.

  • Direction, Cinematography and Edit: Ethan Hart
  • Performance: Lauren Laville, Asheka Blondell, Omena Esseh
  • Make-up: Jana Axel
  • Video Assistance: Mona Tehrani, Giulia Mucci

Director: Sasha Chaika.

Created for the BA graduation collection of Anastasia & Maria Vaniushina (NastyaMasha), this film explores hedonism, presenting a world that is seemingly familiar but expressing it through a magnifying lens.

  • Styling and Production: Kate Pavlova
  • Make-up and Hair: Valerie Vitko, Fariza Rodriguez
  • Set Design: Julia Salnikova
  • Styling Assistance: Tanya Krasnova
  • Performance: Irina Antoshkina, Alina Kachanova, Sasha Nachalas, Anna Kashina, Sophia Franskevich, Martin (dog)
  • Sound Design: Sasha Chaika

Director: Amber Slooten.

What will happen when computers learn to dream? The filmmakers asked a computer to learn a visual representation ofimages taken at Paris Fashion Week and then let it imagine entirely new pieces of clothing that it had never seen before.

  • Creative and Direction: Amber Jae Slooten x The Fabricant
  • Sound Design: OddOne Audio Berlin

Director: Susan Mathieu.

A recording of a real-time performance by Kid Blast, using the veejay software Resolume.

  • Direction, Production and Animation: Susan Mathieu
  • Music: Kid Blast

Director: Jalisa.

The titular character from Fassbinder's film is reborn in Madrid, reinterpreted through the designs of Ricardo Villoria.

  • Creative Direction: Ricardo Villoria
  • Production: Babylon Company, Ricardo Villloria
  • Direction: Jalisa
  • Models: Val De Marne, Ojze Ane, Maksim Zaitsev, Beatriz Luque, Daniel F Pozo, Alexia Sayago, Deor0, Isabella Ching, Heroes De Barrios, Pavlo, Ekaterina Super, Héctor Fuertes, Inmaculada García, Marcos Soria, Sergio GC, Santi Daza, Pepe Serrano, Ana Torres, Rubén Montero, Javi Bloemen, Anna Pandozzi, Sssik.o, Alma Encinas, Alex De La Croix, Nick19_ob, Pato, Carmen Candela, Caesar Arenas, Linda Chen, Juan Torres, Kiwi, Alva Moya, Elandorphium, Muriel Seiquer
  • Direction Assistance: Maggie Sánchez, Iratxe Pérez
  • Production Assistance: David Heredero
  • Styling: Ricardo Villoria
  • Photographic Direction: Manuel Zafra
  • Art Direction: Nacho L. De Dios
  • Camera Operation: Manuel Zafra
  • Camera Assistance: Samuel Mateo, Pablo Gómez
  • Technical Direction: Pablo Gómez Solano
  • Gaffer: Luis R. Arce
  • Grip: Sara Camilleri, Pedro Curtu Foto
  • Art Assistance: Angélica Bustos, Alba Montejo
  • Fashion: Aurora Chalo, Magdiel Quiruchi, Blanca Fernández.
  • Shoes: New Rock
  • Hair & Make-up: Laura Magan FX, Alma Encinas, Aisling Sherry, Alma Alberquilla. Cristina Martín, Kevin Efrén, Ana Torres, Isabella Ching, Lucía De La Fuente, Jolie Peinados y Maquillaje Profesional, Víctor Gutiérrez
  • Music: 'Encounters with Abusive Men' and 'The Companions' by Silver Process, 'Gottes Xeit Ist Die Allerbest Zeit Actus Tragicus Bwv106' by J S Bach interpreted by Cambridge Concentus, 'Cantate Domino' by Anonymous Choir, 'Psychiatric Interview No. 18' by Extension Media Centre
  • Edit: Jalisa
  • Color Grading: Manuel Zafra
  • Special Thanks: Heineken, Asiria Producciones, Mabel Sanz, Septima Ars, Club Allard, Charly Padilla

Director: Luisa Pagani.

This film is inspired by the skin, here interpreted as a space for the body to communicate. Transparent fabrics, latex bodysuits and vinyl accessories help to reconstruct the evolution of the skin from its primordial, wild starting point.

  • Video: Luisa Pagani
  • Styling: Federica Carlesi
  • Models: Lina Giselle, Lula @ IMG, Izabelle @ No Logo
  • Music: Elliot Berthault
  • Special Thanks: Christina Seewald, Ruby Star, Dead Lotus Couture

Director: Genki Nishikawa.

With the use of spotlights and bold silhouettes, this film shows a man who is obsessed with light, yet trying to escape from it.

  • Direction and Cinematography: Genki Nishikawa
  • Styling: Junya Chino
  • Production: Jun Ishikawa
  • Hair: Takayuki Nukui
  • Make-up: Suzuki
  • Special Thanks: AA Spectrum, Chika Kasada, Christian Dada, Doublet, Giddy Up, I.Collection, Kaoru Zhou, Kyoko Fushimi, Neon Sign, Noir Fr, Nyte, Portvel, Sacco Hilano, Serloin, Yoshio Kubo, Yuki Hashimoto

Director: Marta Brodacka.

Poland has work to do in terms of welcoming the LGBT community. To promote LGBT rights, this film gives a glimpse into the life of Lipstick Teresa, a drag artist who lives and performs in Warsaw.

  • Performance: Lipstick Teresa
  • Direction: Marta Brodacka
  • Photographic Direction: Karol Lakomiec

Director: Sebastian Petrovski.

A man is going about the drudgery of his daily life. As things start to repeat, it becomes unclear what is real - could he be stuck in liminal space?

  • Performance: Guy Remmers
  • Direction: Sebastian Petrovski
  • Styling and Production: Seth Footring
  • Audio Design: Jackson Almond
  • Special Thanks: Korey @ A.I. PR, Alpha Shadows, Rombaut, Rob Boyd, Isle3 Archive, Sane Communications, Present Agency, Village PR.
Sensoreality 360

Director: Valerio Mezzanotti.

An extreme virtual sensorial experience by Valerio Mezzanotti, creating an imaginary peaceful world.

  • Direction: Valerio Mezzanotti
  • Music and Sound Design: Leonard Politi & Lapo Grossi (Mate Music)
  • Production: C2A by NOWFASHION

Director: Grant Greenberg.

Bringing the fun to refuse collection, models boogie on down amidst compacted trash.

  • Performance: Ajak Deng, Alexandra Agoston, Hannah Ferguson, Lameka Fox, Elsa Hosk, Coco Samone, Alton Mason, Mona Matsuoka, Shanina Shaik, Xu Meen, Zach Miko
  • Direction: Grant Greenberg
  • Choreography: Sherrie Silver
  • Photographic Direction: Adrien Bertolle
  • Steadicam Operation: Korey Robinson
  • Styling: Britt Berger
  • Make-up: Fulvia Farolfi
  • Hair: Ben Skervin
  • Edit: Kate Owen
  • Color: Nick Metcalf at Mill NY

Directors: Dale Bremner & Natasha Foster.

The prettiness of lace dresses takes on a melancholy edge with a slow country soundtrack in a winter garden.

  • Production & Direction: Dale Bremner & Natasha Foster
  • Cinematography: Dale Bremner
  • Music: William Wild
  • Edit: Dale Bremner
  • Colour: Matt Campbell / Matua Film
  • Hair and Make-up: Lianne Claire & Leah Taylor
  • Styling: Czarina Argel
  • Production Design: Noel Myaing
  • Production Assistance: Sabrina This
  • Steadicam: Nathan Damcevski
  • Camera Assistance: Aleksei Vanamois, Jamie Damcevski
  • Runner: Scott Henry
  • Performance: Sophie Gordon, Vienna Storm, Erin Wheeler, India Rose, Rebecca Bisset
  • Fashion: Alice McCall / Zimmerman
  • Special Thanks: Saloon Design House, Long Barn & String, Black Magazine, Kult Models, Chadwick Models, IMG Models
TELFAR X The Same Beat

Director: Rowan Papier.

Made to accompany Telfar's S/S 20 collection, this mini-doc features four young New Yorkers, all of whom are also dancers. Each subject isn't defined by how they identify, but instead by their talents and what they want to contribute to the world.

  • Direction: Rowan Papier
  • Styling: Hayley Pisaturo
  • Choreography: Jermaine Browne
  • Photographic Direction: Jason Acton
  • Make-up: Tatyana Makarova
  • Hair: Junya Nakashima
  • Camera Assistance: Andrew Remdenok, AL Hall
  • Key Grip: James Chatman
  • Photo Assistance: Tiem Okori
  • Talent: Najla Gillam, Kya Azeem, Jose Rodriguez, Hisham Qumhiyeh
  • Special Thanks: TELFAR
Luxury Magazine

Directors: Kope & Figgins.

With home video-esque grainy footage and a dreamlike soundtrack, these baleful beauty queens are ready to ditch the small town that's holding them back.

  • Direction: Kope & Figgins
The Cellophane Paradox

Director: Nensi Avetisian.

This film explores the absurdity and ambiguity of sustainable fashion and the language that surrounds it.

  • Direction and Edit: Nensi Avetisian
  • Photography: Taur Demidov, Lubov Kozorezova
  • Styling: Svetlana Mikhailyuk, Maria Lysenko
  • Models: Alena Salnikova, Alisa Gvanse, Gulya Bugdaeva, Valentina Nemchenkova, Ida Evdokimova, Tatyana Kitaeva
  • Hair: Alexey Yaroslavtsev
  • Make-up: Cate Gorelova, Anastasie Bezhan
  • Design: Nensi Avetisian
UNDUN “please do not touch the works” COMPLETE

Director: Jia Ren.

This film shows a group of skateboarders in France using the forms of the city for play, and interacting with each other, with passers by, and disgruntled homeowners.

  • Cinematography: Kaissan & Romain Frizon
  • Edit: Kaissan.
  • Art Direction: Eugène Riconneaus
  • Performance: Kaissan, Casper, Numä Malfray, Antoine Plainfossé, Ruben Planque, Ludo Arcens
  • Guests: Teo Sinho, Arto Bornes.
IRIDESCENCE || Color & Shape Changing Emotive Collar

Director: Kristina Varaksina.

What if our clothing could detect the movement and emotions of those around us? Inspired by Anna’s hummingbirds' gorgets, IRIDESCENCE is an interactive collar equipped with a facial tracking camera and an array of 200 flipping quills that respond to the movement of onlookers and their facial expressions.

  • Designer: Behnaz Farahi
  • Electrical: Paolo Salvagione
  • Mechanical: Behnaz Farahi, Paolo Salvagione
  • Software: Julian Ceipek
  • Design Assistance: Hao Wen
  • Fashion Assistance: Merced Jackson
  • Fabrication Assistance: Hao Wen, Valeri Neri, Kayla Paredes, Ryan Chavez
  • Direction: Kristina Varaksina
  • Art Direction: Behnaz Farahi
  • Cinematography: Tobias Winde Harbo
  • Model: Julia Covert
  • Edit: Takashi Uchida
  • Hair: William Sorian
  • Make-up: Sara Tagaloa
  • Camera Assistance: Sophia Harbo
  • Grip: Leon Gerardo, Fio Karpenko
  • Set Assistance: Ryan Chavez
  • Sound: Brian Cantrell
  • Music: 'Harmonix' by Evelyn Glennie
  • Special Thanks: FormLabs, USC School of Cinematic Arts, Will Rollins
Outside is Inside

Director: Mahnaz Seyed Ekhtiary.

Peeling back layer after layer, this film plays with the idea of concealment, of the interplay between exterior and interior.

  • Design, Concept, Performance and Edit: Mahnaz Seyed Ekhtiary
  • Camera Operation: Niloofar Yamini

Directors: Andre Bato, Henri Alexander Levy.

A music video for recording artist Future's album Save Me, that makes use of mixed media collages, TV screens and found footage.

  • Production: Andre Bato LLC
  • Direction: Andre Bato, Henri Alexander Levy
  • Music: Future

Director: Hildegard Oehler.

Kayayoo (singular) or Kayayei (plural) are Ghanaian terms for female porter or bearer. Many of these women have migrated from a rural community to any of Ghana's urban cities in search of work, and they generally carry their burdens on their heads.

  • Direction: Hildegard Oehler
  • Models: Whitney Kiala, Heidi Reichert, HIldegard Oehler
  • Voices: Awura Ama Adjei Manu, Millicent Ofori Atta
  • Sound: Ornamental
  • Sound Edit: Joel Jaffe
  • Camera: Nikhil Konrad
Girls Skate for Christian Siriano

Director: Sophia Banks.

Made in collaboration with designer Christian Siriano, this film features real skater girls shredding their way through the moody streets of downtown LA in Siriano's gowns.

  • Direction: Sophia Banks
  • Fashion: Christian Siriano
Numéro for Document Journal

Director: Alex Black.

In this fashion film, director Alex Black collaborates with stylist Herin Choi to bring her vision of contemporary fashion to life.

  • Direction and Edit: Alex Black
  • Direction Assistance: Tom Wynne
  • Photographic Direction: Emmanuella Zachariou
  • Lighting Assistance: Devan Davies-Wood
  • Sound Design: Gab Rhome
  • Styling: Herin Choi
  • Styling Assistance: Alaria Diperna, Cameron Williams
  • Hair: Tsuki Hair Assistance: Paige Phillips
  • Make-up: Mimi Quiquine
  • Models: Aweng, Bailey, Kevin, Cameron, Miles
  • Fashion: Area, Marine Serre, Valentino, Balenciaga, MSGM, Louis Vuitton, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Kota Okuda, Chanel, Raf Simons, Fendi



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