Fashion Film Awards: Submissions

published on 21 October 2015

SHOWstudio received over 500 Fashion Film Award submissions from over 54 different countries.

Please Note: Due to the nature of the internet's rapid evolution and the slower progress of digital archiving, some of these videos have been lost. What remains are the photographs the migration team were able to salvage.

SHOWstudio received over 500 Fashion Film Award submissions from over 54 different countries.

ROADMAN OR GOTH by Danny Chan, London
Lethicia by Nicole Heiniger, Brazil
Cognition by Grace Markham, Australia
One Day by Mototake Makishima, London
Lolita by Lea Ritzki, Russia
Wild Nights by Edoardo Pasero, Milan, Italy
Japón Ocupado by Fabián Castro Miranda, Mexico City
After Image by Lucas Flynn & Noah Timpson-Neil, Auckland, New Zealand
BELLADONA by Renaud Cambuzat, Paris
YON by Regis Novato, Brazil
Oscillate by Maia DeCamillo, London
Happy 2016 by Marc B. Díez, Barcelona, Spain
Déesse du soleil by Lars Pillmann, Berlin
Deadly by Giorgos Barbadenis, Greece
SUGARLAND by RHUDE / Van Alpert,Los Angeles
Inside his Mind by Chris Underwood, London
Insect by Debora Barnaba, Milan
NICTOFILIA by Bernat Kors, Spain
Minotaur by Debbie Hannan, London
Exquisite Corpse by Juan Tragant, London
Birds of Passage by Wai Teik, Singapore
Bencong by Alex Franck, London
The Issey Miyake Scarf by Sylvie Blum, Los Angeles
LA CAPA by JC Verona, London
WedDead by Luca Donninelli, Copenhagen
Dreamworld by Emma Griffin, Cornwall UK
Eclipse Blue by Elena Kulikova, California
Nativitas - Vita - Letum by Corentin Laborde, France
Identity01 by Paul Weaver, London
Gravitations by Sian Fan, London
NIRVANA by Afioco & Encarni Lovexx, Madrid, Spain
Choices by Osei Bonsu, Austin, Texas, USA
The lymphatic system will soon crack its cemented skin by Johan Achermann, Paris
SHINE by Jane Petrova, Moscow, Russia
Invisible Strings by Tyler Mariano, NYC
Dubbed by Pelayo Campa, Spain
INTRUDER by Alexis Martinez Gutierrez, Tijuana, Baja California Mexico
GENESIS by Nadia Mosquera & Vico Salazar, Ecuador
Replica by Kike Arnaiz, Spain
Anx by Kristofer Muir, Glasgow, Scotland
Seraphim by Jamie Brunskill, London
GOLEO BINBAN by Jorge Algaba, Madrid
Dark Euphoria by Steven Quintero, Columbia
Persephone by Rhonny Tufino, US
Oblique by Lydia Wessels, South Africa
Decay by Nico Verhaegen, Belgium
VOID by David V. Glass, London
XX = XY by Kat Carruthers, England
Spirits by Ruth Ellen Brown, Yorkshire
The Dora's by Rosemary Cronin, London
IDENTITY by Dan Lowenstein, UK
Fluid Metamorphosis by David Richardson, London
The Couture That Comforts The Sleep by Marcus Ebanks, London
Otro país by Maria Merkulova, USA
Filter by Sophie MacCorquodale, London
ISPAGA F/W 2015 by Alberto Fernandez Casuso, Mexico City
Nocturne by Helen Jade, TX, US
The World Through Rose Tinted Glasses by Bridie O'Sullivan: Kitty Joseph
Falling In by James Cameron, London
Glitch by Maya Amrami, London
The Wicked Skin Project by Camilla Gravlund, London
Inciperem by Andrew Contreras, London
Play by Kotchakorn Reeve, London
Hannah/Water by James White, Los Angeles, California, USA
Half Past Nine by Douglas Escalante, Bushwick, Brooklyn
Mind is Moving by Hugh Fox, Brighton, UK
Unleashed by Axelle Manfrini, Paris, France
White Cube Beat Box by Oggy Yordanov, London, UK
They by Dan Von Czarnecki, Melbourne, Australia
Beckmans x Cheap Monday by Simon Jung Krestesen & Jens Löfgren, Stockholm, Sweden
Pleiades - Electra by Beata Stencel, London
Immunity by Dru Blumensheid, New York, USA
Peacock Alley by Iman Chenonceau and Millie Efraim, New York, USA
Lets Make Fashion Great Again by Steep Daniels, New York, USA
Columbia: Afección by Luis Egurrola & Nadia Kosh, Bogotá
The Insane Always Loved Me by Micheal Ngo, Los Angeles, USA
Brutalism by Antonio Eugenio, London, UK
Come to Senses by Simone Steenberg and Lolo Bates, London
F.L.O.W. by Tony Minas, Los Angeles, USA
Norbertos by Derek Nelson, NYC, USA
Revival Sauce M8 by Federico Pelat, Paris, France
Arabesque by Brooke Gardiner, New York, USA
Toro by Charlene Bagcal, Los Angeles, USA
Dark Passenger by Aglaja Brix and Florian Maas, Berlin
Virginy by Kathia Saul, Etienne Collin, France
Hope Vs Despair by Matt Geeling, Cape Town, South Africa
Ángulos by J.E. Hernández, Houston, Texas, USA
ECRU by Monika Janulevičiūtė, Lithuania
Nature and Artifice by Nelo Hagen, Valenca, Spain
Be Your Own Hero by Maria Camilla Piana Brizio, London
Towards Another Summer by Anastasia Sierra, San Francisco, USA
Blue Red, Blue Brown by Joris Casaer, Antwerp, Belgium
Paradigm Shift by Anthony Giovanni, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Black Lights by Germán De La Hoz, Spain
SiX by Tamas Olajos, Budapest, Hungary
Keep it Moving by Fabian Villa and Nina Hawkins, Austin, Texas, USA
ALIVE by Charlotte Brown, Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK
Hector by Eori Wakakuwa, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Adnama Nampahc by Josie Phillips, Bournemouth, UK
Ooma by Tilal Imani, London, UK
The Wolf in The Wool by HIPPOS DESIGN, Bucharest, Romania
Fluid Force by Jodie Mann, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
K-PUNK by Gabriel Eid, New York City, USA
ACANTHA by Dickson Moses, Spain
Voices In The Night by Steven Popovich, Sydney, Australia
On Living by Idil Ergün, Istanbul, Turkey
Delpozo by Kevin Tachman, New York, NY, USA
AM by Fabián Rodríguez, Mérida, Venezuela
Colony by James Barber, London, UK
It's Not Quite the Hilton by Tom Zambaz, Geneva, Switzerland
Divine by Jürgen Knoth, Austria
High Desert by Sharlene Durfey, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Marena by Anna Grodskaya
PETER MOVRIN ? by Maya Nightingale, Amsterdam
Do Not Look Back by Kin, Southampton, England
R A J A by Giovanni Rustanto, Jakarta, Indonesia
Sticks and Bones by Eunice Lee, Seoul, South Korea
What’s Going On Under There? by Mike Lewis, Toronto, Canada
I Love My Horses by Johanna Dauphin, Los Angeles, CA, USA
The Contrast by Juyoung Reu, Berlin
Apocolypto by Jarred Stedman, Sydney Australia
DEPRESSION by Riccardo Andreani, Cattolica, Italy
Vicarious Reality by Oliver de Lantsheere, Oakland, USA
XSCAPE by Karina Terrazas, New York, NY, USA
* by Audrey Belval, Montreal, Canada
The Heartbeat by Danil Golovkin, Moscow, Russia
American Sublime by Jō Rán, USA
Jared’s Garrets’ Vintage Jackets by Greg Gainor, Los Angeles, USA
Liberty by Alex Bland, London, UK
DUENDE by Lena Diehl, Moscow, Russia
Salome's Last Dance by Travis Komarnisky, Montreal, QC, Canada
Is There Something Bad Here by Becky Hollis, Edinburgh, Scotland
Blowjob by SCHUELLER DE WAAL, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Meshes by Elena Pirogova-Mares, London, UK
Obsessive by Kota Tsukamoto, Tokyo, Japan
Emilie et François by Eloïse Vene, Bordeaux, France
Confront by Hasan Bitirim, London
Jilted Lover by Jack Weir, Manchester, UK
Musician For Hire by Hannah Cohen, Boston, Massachusetts
Alien Girl by Julie Healy, New York, USA
Now Forever by Mariana Jiménez, Mexico
Creature of the Night by Julia Flit, London, UK
Labàdienà | Rain Coat by Rapolas Vosylius, Lithuania
RED by Vera Romanova, London
Better Fed than Taught by Carlo Zambon, London, UK
Color Bomb by Shoji Van Kuzumi, New York, USA
Lure by Anton Groves & Damian Groves, Bucharest, Romania
Stigmata by Niko Papadimitriou, Toronto, Canada
Watch Me by Sarah Winslett, Newcastle, UK
Girls Don't Dress For Boys by Anya Shor, Toronto, Canada
All Said by Christian Petersen and Alessandro Avila, São Paulo, Brazil
V I S I O N S by Ryan Bater, London, UK
Only Myself to Blame by Clara Hooper, Dublin, Ireland
To Do by Lavoisier Clemente, New York
DIORALOP AW 15/16 by Maja Merlic & Andreja Bistricic, Zagreb, Croatia
Chirico by Stella Scott, London, UK
Discourse & Delusion by Robert Clyde Grima, New York, USA
BLANK by Ashka Kedziora, London, UK
AFTER DARKNESS by Lucy Alcorn, Sydney, Australia
101’s Waiting Room by Rob Rusling, Manchester, UK
Hereafter by Alex Stoddard, Los Angeles, California
The First Impression by Alexander Gray, Brooklyn, NY
Tossed Illustration by Vanessa Gilovich, San Francisco, CA
Vogue Ukraine by Pavel Kildau, New York, USA
Toska by Jorge Andrés Rojas, Panama
Insight Part 2: Desire by Tanya Ivashko, London, UK
The Messiah by Rodrigo Paredes Cevallos, Mexico
Glue by Robert Hamada, New York, USA
Hymn to Demeter by Rachel Mia, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Gravedigger by Stephanie Galea, UK
Young Girl In Motion by Anna Ritsch, New York, USA: monument
Tokyo Yanki by CHAMA, Tokyo, Japan
Metamorphosis by Julia Shashkina, UK
The Lady Blue by Juliana and Nicky Giraffe, Los Angeles, California
Chalk by Caspar Arnhold, Germany
Catching A Dream by Jingyu Lin, Chicago, USA
Ma Jolie by Youssra Fawzy, Egypt
Poetry for Boys by Josh Brandão, London, UK
Sayna:||Innermost Environment by Alisa Vaseghi, London
Järvi Tarina by Vera Comploj, New York
Tradition by Sahil Sen, India
Chasing Paradise by D. Yee, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Un Ruban Autour D’une Bombe by Ambre Cardinal, Paris
The Poison by Olga Jadan, Russia, Moscow
Nice Lies by Anna Radchenko, London
Enlight by Fraser Marsden, Melbourne, Australia
Barbarella by Olga Poppius & Jake Vuorela, Finland
Luluhawa by Farid Akmal, London
Identification by Millie Efraim, Los Angeles, CA
Nocturne by Nima Chaichi, New York, USA
Deconstruction by Willy Villacorta, Barcelona, Spain
Myself and What is Mine by Aeric and Anastasia Meredith-Goujon, Brooklyn, NY
I Wanna Be A Snowflake by Robert Scholten, Melbourne, Australia
Rebirth by Shawn Reinoehl, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Cleanse by Martin von Will, Los Angeles, USA
Coexist by Hobin holocoin, Seoul, Korea
Qatimuiki by Celia D. Luna, Florida, USA
Hommage À Miyazaki by Anton Malishev and Anita Grey, London
Rose by Mick Ryan, Shanghai, China
Blueprint by Ilya Petrov, Moscow, Russia
Love 4 Legs by Marco Joe Fazio, London, UK
Atoms by Filip Tułak & Wawrzyniec Skoczylas, Poland/UK
Nightingale by Yingwei Tang, London
You, Me and a Lie by Brock Lawson, Houston, Texas, USA
Oneself by Pedro P, Portugal
Nada by Namaan J. Ebdon, London, UK
Kudeta by Calvin Khurniawan, Los Angeles, California, USA
Wonderzine | Swimwear by Pavel Samokhvalov, Moscow, Russia by Joey Carrapichano, Germany
Adagium Insulae by Marcelo Garcia, Brazil
Best Friends by Amy Watson, UK
Enchantment by Michaelle Chapoteau, New York
This Is The Girl by Julien Carlier, Paris
ReAnima by Tata Rudakova and Kate Mihailova
Konform by Marc Tommy Wiesener, London
Noumena by Ribal, Melbourne
Matières Impossibles by Cedric Indra, France
I See You by Keziban Barry, New York, USA
Color Block by Nick Lovell, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Feral by Gregg Thompson, Johannesburg, South Africa
Madame Étranger by Laura Bergshoef
Dream Honey by Chloe Orefice, London
Isolated Reflections by Santiago Bisso, Los Angeles, California
P R E S E N C E by Sandra Plantos & Deborah Sheedy as Videographer and Editor, London
Light Up Your Soul by Alessia Micheletti, Turin, Italy
Short Film for Mrk by Ashley Frangie, New York
Deer oh Dear! by Marin Sild, Sydney, Australia
Quadrifolium Tunicula Minima by Nathalie Croquet, Paris
Rebel Soul by Runxi Wang
The Rise And Decay Of The African Queen by Mariska Du Toit, South Africa
Glenda/Lady F by Misha Pekarek, Prague, Czech Republic
Untitled by Paul, Norwich
Chapter One by Alessia Chinazzo, London
KOMMEN by Hermione Flynn, Germany
Instrument by Yeojin Kim, London
Barbie Does Consent by ACM, London
Nouveau Punk by Benn Jae, New Zealand
The Emperor's New Clothes by Blør, London
Exposed by James Ward, London
Cuckoo by Mat Hale & Manrutt Wongkaew, London
0O0 by Michael Moon, London
Triptych by Lennart Brede, Berlin, Germany
Ice Blue by Anna Rubiec, Toronto, Canada
Encounters by Eliška Kyselková, London
GEntrification by BOND Hardware, New York, USA
Control by Matilda Finn, London
Red Sounds by Pedro Arieta, New York, USA
Playground by Liselotte Schuppers, Holland
Visionary by Sahil Babbar, London
Amor by KXG, Denpasar, Indonesia
Avian by Laura Kaehr, Zurich Switzerland
Nada by Namaan .j. Ebdon, London


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