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published on 6 February 2015

Explore Nick Knight's scene-of-the-crime photographs as they appeared in print in Garage Magazine, along with some unpublished shots.

Explore Nick Knight's scene-of-the-crime photographs as they appeared in print in Garage Magazine, along with some unpublished shots.

Gigi and Rowley wear masks: Josef Mirza
Milly ears body, headpiece and boots: Gareth Pugh; Lexi wears coat: James Kelly
All clothes: Margaret Howell, hat: Harry Evans, apron: stylist’s own, shoes: Coralie Marabelle
Lexi wears all clothes: Comme by Comme des Garçons; Binx wears clothes and boots: Gareth Pugh
Binx wears headpiece: Fendi, dress: Chanel, skirt: Yang Li
Dress: Pablo Henrard, Veil: Jennifer Behr, Underwear: Eres, Shoes: Coralie Marabelle
Binx wears jacket: Fendi, trousers: Rebecca Swann, belt and cowbells: stylists own; Lexi wears jacket: Fendi, trousers: Lisa Kidd
Milly wears dress: Vivienne Westwood, mask: Janina Pedan; James wears suit: Jackie Lyall
Bodysuit: Charlie Le Mindu, belt and cowbells: stylist’s own
All clothes and headpieces: Gareth Pugh
Vintage dress: Viktor & Rolf A/W 10
All clothes and wings: Undercover
All clothes and hat: Gareth Pugh
Unpublished image
Unpublished image
Unpublished image
Milly Simmonds, Lexi Boling, Binx Walton, Gigi Moore and Rowley Moore
Fashion Direction:
Set Design:
Chaos Fashion and Piergiorgio Del Moro
Digital Operation:
Sun Lee
Kate Wigall
Photographic Assistance:
Markn Ogue, Britt Lloyd, Laura Falconer, James Stopforth and Claude Legge
Fashion Assistance:
Charlotte Roberts, Grace Quinn and Georgia Medley Hair Assistance: Ryuta Saiga
Make-up Assistance:
Josh Wilks, Chloé le Drezen, Shelley Blaze and Marina Keri
Nail Assistance:
Jennie Nippard
Set Design Assistance:
Meriel Hunt and Ava Asadi
Jackie Lyall
Digital Postproduction:
Direct Photographic
Special thanks to:
GARAGE Magazine, Sir Thomas Stockdale, Wendy Ambrose-Roberts, Shaun Wiggall, Joy Wiggall, Samantha Ambrose, Scott Ambrose-Roberts, Martin Ambrose, Filipina Navaro, Oliver Kinkaid, Paul Davies, Jon Webb, Steve Rawlings, Polly Moore, John Moore, Debbie Hall and Jozeph Mirza


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