AI Means Love in Chinese

Launched on 13 February 2019

Is artificial intelligence our saviour or will it ultimately lead to our demise? SHOWstudio looks to the next frontier in an on-going exploration of artificial intelligence's ability to match human creativity with a series of conversations hosted by Nick Knight.

What can do with the technology as it develops? Knight speaks to the creatives at the forefront of AI’s development including Omar Karim, Mario Klingemann and Memo Atken.

Viewers are encouraged to get involved; challenging and confronting the theories discussed here and educating us with their knowledge and ideas. Email with suggestions and examples for the chance to shape the project’s content.



1088% Sølve Sundsbø

20 December 2000
See the streets of London at very, very high speed through Sølve Sundsbø's thermal camera.


10 November 2000
In this atypical ode to the Spring/Summer 2000 collections, stylist Jane How's wearable sweetie-wrapper constructions meet Nick Knight's 3-D scanner.


13 December 2001
The first ever global, live-streamed fashion shoot, in which nine top models were styled, made-up and put to bed at The Metropolitan Hotel.
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