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BTS Gallery: The Thomas Burberry Monogram Collection

published on 19 June 2019

Behind the scenes on SHOWstudio's The Thomas Burberry Monogram Collection project.

Behind the scenes on SHOWstudio's The Thomas Burberry Monogram Collection project.

Nick Knight, Peter Saville and Riccardo Tisci in creative discussion.
The cameras wait for Gigi Hadid to take her position.
A behind the scenes glimpse at Gigi Hadid at work.
Gigi Hadid jumping on set as the 'boy', one of the four distinct characters celebrated by Burberry: 'boy', 'gentleman', 'girl' and 'lady'.
Gigi Hadid in mid-air.
An aerial view of Gigi Hadid, as 'boy' - one of the four characters celebrated by Burberry.
Gigi Hadid running on set as the 'boy', one of the four distinct characters celebrated by Burberry: 'boy', 'gentleman', 'girl' and 'lady'.
Gigi Hadid becomes the 'gentleman'.
Gigi Hadid reclines as the 'boy'.
A photographer's memory card is a key part of their kit - Nick Knight is no exception.
A close-up of the set.
A glimpse into how the set was constructed.
The stylist's rack, carefully labelled with looks for the four characters Hadid embodies in the shoot.
A close-up of the monogrammed Burberry pieces for SHOWstudio's The Thomas Burberry Monogram Collection project.
Hadid's poses in silhouette.
Lining up the perfect shot of Gigi Hadid as the 'gentleman'.
Perspex boxes refract the light on set.
The lighting set up is magnified by the perspex set design props.
Zooming in to Gigi Hadid dressed as the 'gentleman', one of four characters that Burberry celebrates: 'boy', 'gentleman', 'girl' and 'lady'.
Cracks partially obscure Gigi Hadid as the 'lady'.
Knight and Saville contemplating Gigi Hadid as the 'lady'.
Boxes of different opacities on set.
Nick Knight captures Gigi Hadid in a moment of dynamism.
Lining the shots up to create a contact sheet.
Hairstylist Gary Gill at work making sure Gigi Hadid's bun is perfectly sleek, while she forms the T and B of the Thomas Burberry monogram with her hands.
Hadid tosses her hat and coat aside.
Boxes create a Tetris-like sculpture for the set.
A slow camera pan across Gigi Hadid mid-pose.
A stepladder provides a new vantage point.
Britt Lloyd takes an active stance.
Nick Knight takes in the scene through his camera monitor.
Britt Lloyd surveys the set.
Thomas Alexander assists on set.
A view from on high.
Gigi Hadid tilts her head back.
Stillness descends on set.
The set is empty.
A figure in silhouette carries boxes on set.
Gigi Hadid receives creative direction.
The team: Isamaya Ffrench, Gary Gill, Riccardo Tisci, Nick Knight, Peter Saville and Katy England stand behind Gigi Hadid.
Gigi Hadid is silhouetted against the studio lights.
Isamaya Ffrench touches up Gigi Hadid's make-up.
Katy England adjusts Gigi Hadid's styling, while Peter Saville and Brit Lloyd look on.
Gigi Hadid breaks into a smile.
The creative team pay rapt attention to the scene in front of them.
Discussing creative direction
Gigi Hadid as the 'gentleman'.
Nick Knight and Gigi Hadid in conversation.
Gigi Hadid shifts the mood on set.
Studio lighting contrasts with the shadowy set.
Katy England and Riccardo Tisci on set.
A camera's eye view.
Gigi Hadid dances on set.
Katy England adjusts Gigi Hadid's outfit.
Gigi Hadid doing what she does best.
Saville, Knight and Hadid in conversation.
The camera flashes on Gigi Hadid.
An on-set view.
Hadid in the distance.
Knight, Lloyd and Hadid in conversation.
Hadid displays a few paces of her runway walk.
Another active stance, this time from Nick Knight.
Ffrench and Tisci look intently.
An aerial view as the lighting is adjusted.
Hadid kicks up her heels.
Gary Gill and Katy England check Gigi Hadid's look.
An ensemble cast.
Slow motion on set.
Gigi Hadid takes her position.
England shows Tisci a detail on the shot monitor.
Before the shot.
Gill touches up Hadid's hair.
The team look on.
Knight conveys his vision to Hadid.
Between shots.
Hadid's look, adjusted by England.
Knight and Hadid in conversation.
Adjusting the lighting.
Knight at work.
Knight and Saville in conversation.
A time-lapse of the studio.


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