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Performance Film: Nexus Vomitus

by Millie Brown on 1 July 2011

A one-off performance piece by ‘abjection artist’ Millie Brown.

A one-off performance piece by ‘abjection artist’ Millie Brown.

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31 JUL 2010. 02:55

Q. Where do you draw the line between art and vulgarity?
A. I don't consider my art to be vulgar. Puking up last night's dinner purely as a shock tactic would cross the line.
Although my performance is shocking to some, that is not what i am aiming for. For me, puking colours is both clean and cleansing.

30 JUL 2010. 20:32

Q. Do you sell these paintings?
A. Yes. The painting from this performance will be on sale at the SHOWstudio SHOP

30 JUL 2010. 19:57

Q. Why a canvas? What is the need to create a picture from the vomit? Is the process not enough?
A. The use of canvas is a natural progression from my early performances. I started puking down myself in various outfits, but wanted more longevity from the end result. Canvas allows me the room to experiment with pattern and colour. I have learnt to manipulate the process to produce artwork that i consider separate from the performance that produced it, both are equally important to me.

30 JUL 2010. 14:32

Q. Millie...How and when did you begin your puking journey?
A. Back in 2007 myself and the rest of the !WOWOW! Art Collective were asked to take part in an art show in Berlin. I had no idea what i was going to do, but I wanted to create something very colourful and unique, then i thought how wonderful it would be to vomit a rainbow. It was the first time i had intentionally made myself vomit, so I was not totally sure what was going to happen until the actual show started - thats what i love about the performance, you can't control everything - it takes a form of its own.

30 JUL 2010. 14:11

Q. Do you seek any medical advice for what you're doing?
A. No I haven't. Obviously it's not 'good' for anyone to puke repeatedly, but but I don't perform everyday. I am generally very healthy and can think of worse vices to have!

30 JUL 2010. 13:40

Q. I've been watching today and have just seen the Puke Dress you made over Lady Gaga too. Loving your work Millie! Is there any pre-composition in your use of colour and arrangement?
A. Thank you! Nexus Vomitus was about exploring the relationship between music and performance art.  I wanted to paint a piece that would be a journey in it's self: as the colours progress through the rainbow spectrum, the music becomes more complex and intense - creating a layered effect both on the canvas and in the atmosphere around me.

30 JUL 2010. 12:49

Q. Millie, where did this concept come from? Have you always worked with your body - your own self - to produce your artwork?
A. I came up with the concept of vomiting rainbows a few years ago when i was asked to perform in a show in Berlin, I had never performed before, I didn't know if it would work until I was literally on stage performing and could see the reaction of the crowd. Since then using my body as a canvas and way of expressing my art has featured in all my performances and films. I am currently working on some sculptures and films with my good friend LA based director Griffin, in which I explore a different, non-vomiting side to my artwork

30 JUL 2010. 12:49

Q. Have you ever made someone puke during your puking performance or wanted someone to join you in a puke production? it would be amazing if a whole crowd joined you in the pukathon.
A. No one has puked watching my performance yet although many have had to leave the room from fear they may. I would love to create a chain reaction if the crowd could all do their own colour

30 JUL 2010. 12:47

Q. What is the liquid you are drinking???
A. Coloured milk

30 JUL 2010. 12:46

Q. What is she drinking? Is she okay? it looks so pained and labored? In the long history of female performance artists who tax their bodies for art, where does Millie feel her work fits? - Julia, New York
A. I drink coloured milk - the process is not painful but after several hours of vomiting it can take its toll, which is why I limit the number of colours I use.
Artists (male as well as female) have always been known to suffer for their art - although this does tax my body to a degree, I feel the end result is worth the process. In fact I often feel elated and purified after a performance.

30 JUL 2010. 12:44

Q. The singing is epic. Who are they?
A. Zita Syme & Patricia Hammond are very talented classical singers

30 JUL 2010. 11:57

Q. This has to be one of the most clear cases of inappropriate footwear I have ever witnessed. Given the amounts of vomit involved did you ever consider trainers or something with more lateral grip?
A. I'm not really a fan of appropriate footwear on a good day so I don't see why I should be sensible when I'm puking rainbows either.

30 JUL 2010. 11:53

Q. Are you drinking paint?
A. No I'm drinking coloured milk.

30 JUL 2010. 11:53

Q. Are you drinking paint?
A. No I'm drinking coloured milk.

30 JUL 2010. 11:02

Q. How long will you, as an artist, be able to puke? Are there negative side effects on your oesophagus? How do you take care of it?
A. I will carry on as long as i feel like it, I'm not really concerned by the health risks involved as it's not something I do to my body daily.

30 JUL 2010. 10:51

Q. Hi Millie, Puking performance art? Can yo explain a little more about this art form. What materials are used or is it performance based only? Can it be compared to Jackson Pollack's splatter paintings. Can it be said that your work comes from a "gut " level? Pls advise , Peter Weiss
A. In the beginning my performance consisted of me vomiting each colour of the rainbow onto different white t-shirts, I have since moved on to canvases which enables me to play with the colours and form. Yesterday was the fist time I had created a canvas with multiple colours.  My work has been compared to Pollack, I do have a lot of respect for him, but he was not an influence in my own work. The whole act of vomiting is definitely a very primal, my art does come from instinctive (gut) desire to purge whilst creating something of beauty

30 JUL 2010. 10:35

Q. Of all the locations you've been sick, which is your favourite?
A. It would probably have to be Berlin, my first ever performance was there and it was an incredible night. I love the creative energy there, I find it very inspiring.

28 JUL 2010. 15:45

Q. Will the video be accessible throughout the day or is this shown only at 11:30am?
A. The performance was only being streamed live yesterday - it is currently being edited and will be uploaded to SHOWstudio very soon.

Musical Performance:
Patricia Hammond and Zita Syme
Takanori Yamaguchi
Joanna Banach, Magdalena Winska
All clothing courtesy of:
Falke and American Apparel



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