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LiveStudio: Charlie Le Mindu

published on 11 March 2010

Hairstylist and designer Charlie Le Mindu took up residence in the studio to create a headpiece live on camera, in a studio space decorated by illustrator Stefan, all the while chatting with SHOWstudio viewers over the live stream Q&A. The creative process culminated in a live performance by French experimental art-punk band La Chatte. Watch an edit of the two day-long event.

Hairstylist and designer Charlie Le Mindu took up residence in the studio to create a headpiece live on camera, in a studio space decorated by illustrator Stefan, all the while chatting with SHOWstudio viewers over the live stream Q&A. The creative process culminated in a live performance by French experimental art-punk band La Chatte. Watch an edit of the two day-long event.

101 Q&A Posts

12 MAR 2010. 19:22

Q. AWSOME ! have a nice evening u all there ! ;)
A. yeayyy

12 MAR 2010. 19:18

Q. or reduce coca cola like 75% to get kinda thick syrup and pour it over things like ice cream but also sandwiches and shit... would you like it Charlie? would you?
A. o god u r so vulgar u r shocking a little girl like me x

12 MAR 2010. 19:12

A. oui

12 MAR 2010. 19:11

Q. Is La Chatte playing in London?

12 MAR 2010. 19:10

Q. Why are you bossing everyone around?

12 MAR 2010. 18:48

Q. do you guys like bleach? bleaching things, random items...the smell of it, the vibe

12 MAR 2010. 18:35

Q. I wanna eat that rat. and you charlie
A. o yes

12 MAR 2010. 18:22

Q. Can I buy the painting????
A. I don't think it will be here after today?! : (

12 MAR 2010. 18:21

Q. Please tell me, what are the rats for, merci Charles.
A. You will see at the end!

12 MAR 2010. 18:10

Q. richie we love you.
A. He wuvz yoow

12 MAR 2010. 17:55

Q. hi charlie i think u r amazing and richie is so hot but bit little that s a shame vava is really hot i want her ! how much for the all lot?
A. too much

12 MAR 2010. 17:38

Q. what your fave, black or blonde?
A. ginger

12 MAR 2010. 17:35

Q. what's the name of the graphic artist?
A. stefan elefan scherszmarn

12 MAR 2010. 17:30

Q. Was ist "Le MINDU?"??! a new dessert?
A. Yeah what else?

12 MAR 2010. 17:25

Q. I hope you die soon?
A. FAJ! T-shirt by Fanny and Jessy!

12 MAR 2010. 17:14

Q. you should deffo get a recording contract!
A. Universal!!!!! it s better than florence and the machine innit!

12 MAR 2010. 17:05

Q. can we see your face bit more pls, tell us a story!
A. It s hilarious here!!!!

12 MAR 2010. 17:01

Q. Irritating
A. U have herpes?

12 MAR 2010. 16:58

Q. Why are you not doing it yourself ?
A. Because i leave the boring stuff to my interns awww

12 MAR 2010. 16:56

Q. Adam and Tree would like to know how you feel about Celine Dion.
A. I'm not sure Vava said she is beautiful but I'm not so into her ahah

12 MAR 2010. 16:53

Q. Did you put those crystals on individually? or do they come in a strip?
A. Richie put them on individualy

12 MAR 2010. 16:51

Q. It looks so cool.. Well done.. What's your favourite colour?Stavros Machine-A x
A. bigout

12 MAR 2010. 16:51

Q. Le croissant est une pa¢tisserie inventée à Vienne pour célébrer la fin du second siège de Vienne par les troupes ottomanes qui faisaient le siège de la ville (1683), d'où le terme de viennoiserie utilisé pour qualifier ce type de préparation. Alors que l'ennemi décidait d'attaquer la nuit afin de ne pas se faire remarquer, les boulangers viennois, levés avant l'aube donnèrent l'alerte. C'est pour immortaliser cette victoire qu'il leur fut permis de confectionner le Hörnchen (« petite corne » en allemand) avec sa forme qui rappelle le symbole du drapeau ottoman. Cette même légende est parfois située à Budapest, alors partie du royaume austro-hongrois, mais c'est encore moins vraisemblable, puisque ce sont les Turcs qui étaient les assiégés dans la bataille citée (1686).
A. Merci

12 MAR 2010. 16:47

Q. A song with the hair wig!! hey!
A. Soon soon

12 MAR 2010. 16:44

Q. c moi qui est la ceinture charnel
A. c koi ton facebook vite et le tel please on t aime

12 MAR 2010. 16:37

Q. magic! thanx!!
A. ahhahaha we re havoing fun here

12 MAR 2010. 16:32

Q. Is charlie also "fan de cosmetique"?
A. Only when I'm alone in my bedroom

12 MAR 2010. 16:25

Q. fuck me - give me some scissors & I'll do it myself.
A. what to cut your hairy anus? sure i dont want to do it. u can do that yourself x

12 MAR 2010. 16:21

Q. When is the performance starting? Will vava wear the wig?
A. Yes vava is going to wear the wig

12 MAR 2010. 16:17

Q. so glamorous and hypi doupi ahah
A. haha

12 MAR 2010. 16:17

Q. on ta reconnue!

12 MAR 2010. 16:15

Q. recommend a movie ?
A. Yes shcizophrenie 1970 french movie

12 MAR 2010. 16:08

Q. Hey!! songs are cut or...?
A. No it s natural

12 MAR 2010. 16:05

Q. really was enjoying all this until she came on.... I wish I had no ears
A. Everyone is scared of his mum

12 MAR 2010. 15:58

Q. why has no one done a poo yet?
A. Yeah in their pants...

12 MAR 2010. 15:31

Q. Chris and stephanie want jamie to do a little dance.
A. no because vava is performing now!

12 MAR 2010. 14:47

Q. hEy chaRLie! dO yOu answeR my questiOn?
A. yes

12 MAR 2010. 14:44

Q. Send my love to VAVA! Is she there in the studio? Kisses Ami Sioux

12 MAR 2010. 14:32

Q. Hi there! Nice work ongoing! did we miss La Chatte's performance?
A. coming soon

12 MAR 2010. 14:32

Q. So do you reckon you're gonna be finished today?
A. Sure soon!

12 MAR 2010. 14:21

Q. So what is the idea of LIVEstudio ? tell me please ?

12 MAR 2010. 14:06

Q. Hey Charlie! How many wigs do you own??

12 MAR 2010. 13:31

Q. Your so calm! ... how refreshing!
A. Cher's a good influence...

12 MAR 2010. 13:30

Q. What time will Vava perform?
A. 4 for tea time!!

12 MAR 2010. 13:22

Q. is dalston going to make an appearance?
A. Yeah Gaga's holding him in the background...

12 MAR 2010. 13:19

Q. this is the most stupid I idea ever , what the reason of show the studio except the advertising below that . I am relay sorry working with other people is great to make it as big brother thing it is relay sad .
A. I don't think you understand the idea of LIVEstudio...

12 MAR 2010. 13:07

Q. is that my glue gun?

12 MAR 2010. 13:06

Q. when's charlie going to do an art gallery performance/exhibition in paris?

12 MAR 2010. 13:06

Q. do you do your own hair?

12 MAR 2010. 13:06

Q. hi richie
A. HI!

12 MAR 2010. 13:02

Q. i can see it now...yay! turn kap up!!
A. Cher's turn!

12 MAR 2010. 13:00

Q. charlie I haven't seen you go for no1 or no2 yet. Do you not need the toilet breaks?
A. i just do it in my pants

12 MAR 2010. 12:42

Q. oh NO! he's gay?!?!?! :( we love him......
A. haha

12 MAR 2010. 12:15

Q. OMG who is that hot young guy helper with the bleached hair?!?!?!!?

12 MAR 2010. 11:59

Q. i cant see it ... :-(
A. fix it !x

12 MAR 2010. 11:54

Q. when will this live performance be ?
A. all day long

12 MAR 2010. 11:53

Q. cosmique cosmetique fukk yeah
A. yaya

12 MAR 2010. 11:48

Q. where did you get the rats from ???
A. from the pet shop there alreADY DEAD they use them to feed snake. will didn t kill them no worries.x theyre cute arent they?

12 MAR 2010. 11:29

Q. i think your going to run out of time!
A. no of course not

12 MAR 2010. 02:21

Q. this is amazing, will you please make some video footage please?
A. hehe

11 MAR 2010. 19:11

Q. Can that guy be hired to paint my room with those drawings?
A. yep £1000 an hour babes

11 MAR 2010. 18:28

Q. tu peux faire une perruque pour mon hamster stp?
A. oui biensur

11 MAR 2010. 18:04

Q. This is a pretty long stretch of constant work. What's your usual working style when you're creating a head piece? What's your perfect setup?
A. i never sleep

11 MAR 2010. 16:55

Q. i love the anus cat
A. thanks me too

11 MAR 2010. 16:52

Q. Charlie, whats your favourite fashion magazine? I like Dazed sometimes.....
A. I don't know

11 MAR 2010. 16:46

Q. what is the name of your polystyrene head? she's beautiful.
A. She is called Anna Wintour.

11 MAR 2010. 16:13

A. haha doudou

11 MAR 2010. 16:07

Q. How are the Swarovski Crystals going to be implemented into the overall headpiece?
A. Swarovski Crystals i keep it for the end !

11 MAR 2010. 15:38

Q. who's head would you love to adorn most from England?
A. the queen

11 MAR 2010. 15:32

Q. do you ever wear wigs yourself?
A. yep everyday, I'm bald

11 MAR 2010. 15:24

Q. I cant shave it i would look like a man
A. no u ll look like grace jones

11 MAR 2010. 15:14

Q. Why do you drink buxton?
A. Because i m waiting for the champagne!

11 MAR 2010. 15:07

Q. Gypsies,Tramps and thieves is my favouriteCher song, how did you know? I also like Jesse james if you have that
A. x

11 MAR 2010. 15:03

Q. what is your favourite Cher song?
A. Gypsies tramps thieves

11 MAR 2010. 14:54

Q. Did you get some trousers?!
A. no i undon my buttons

11 MAR 2010. 14:52

Q. You use mice and rats in your work, if you could get your hands on a chinchilla would you use that too?
A. well if it s dead already or vintage i use it i don't kill animal for the sake of their fur. but as i m french i love fur!

11 MAR 2010. 14:50

Q. Gaga or vava? who is best

11 MAR 2010. 14:49

Q. Do you like afro hair ive got afro hair and i cant do jack with it
A. Shave it eheh

11 MAR 2010. 14:38

Q. Chindu you have great taste in the music! LOVEIT. Haven't heard any cher yet tho
A. Wait it's coming specialy for ya!

11 MAR 2010. 14:32

Q. 70s porn star, Brazilian or Hollywood? Which should I go for?
A. Brazilian ! of course !!!

11 MAR 2010. 14:21

Q. Have you ever had a mistake on your own hair? its very green at the moment, is that on purpose? i bleached mine an it all fell out.
A. O really is it green? oi thought it was black maybe i should do it again . it s cool when it fells out with the bleach chimio look xx

11 MAR 2010. 14:20

Q. whats for lunch charlieeeee
A. no lunch I'm anorexic

11 MAR 2010. 13:48

Q. Whose hair in the world is your favoruite, past or present? I'm a big fan of Viv Westwood's Orangina bonce.
A. Cher is a goddess of wigs

11 MAR 2010. 13:42

Q. Re. Elnett tattoo - AH CHARLIE I KNOW ALL YOUR SECRETS. You've cut my hair.

11 MAR 2010. 13:29

Q. Hows that really fit guy that Helps you make your Wigs? The guy that helped with the lips and the Rose? SOOOOOOO HOOOOT
A. Haha he is called mark ! from made . he is mazing he helps on all my collection!

11 MAR 2010. 13:21

Q. I went to see Gaga in Liverpool, it was incredible, and seeing your piece for her was a big highlight! You've worked with loads of amazing people, what would you say the highlight of your career so far is?
A. I don t know yet

11 MAR 2010. 13:15

Q. I think you should show the world your Elnett tattoo Charlie. It's a beautiful thing.
A. How you know i have that?

11 MAR 2010. 13:11

Q. Stefan's boobs are massive guy.
A. There fake he got implants

11 MAR 2010. 12:55

Q. I think your stuff would go down a storm on the Gipsy wedding circuit Chaz, you want to investigate that they pay a bundle.
A. I WANT TO GO !!!!

11 MAR 2010. 12:49

Q. Have you ever used Balmain hair extensions? I'm debating getting some myself and wondered if they were much cop?

11 MAR 2010. 12:47

Q. Is it true that you style Jodie Harsh's wigs and they all come from Argos?
A. hahaha no i don't think lol

11 MAR 2010. 12:46

Q. Is there any person whose hair you'd most like to do or create a piece for?
A. Cher

11 MAR 2010. 12:46

Q. Where did you get the fabric from? Is it a Brickers Lane or Ridley Road number?
A. haha u have to guess but it s near that

11 MAR 2010. 12:45

Q. hi charlieee - i saw yr mum naked too & it made me directly think i had to be a gardener! stefan from mexico x
A. o cool x have u see the work i did on u r dad?

11 MAR 2010. 12:45

Q. Ah I love mindu song. uyou should sing more often here yes!

11 MAR 2010. 12:42

Q. How was it creating the hair monster for GAGA?

11 MAR 2010. 12:30

Q. IS that a wedding dress you're making charlie?
A. surprise

11 MAR 2010. 12:28

Q. What is the artist drawing on the studio wall, and do you often work together?
A. He is cool he interns for me he does all my illustration! he is amazing

11 MAR 2010. 12:27

Q. blonde or brunette?
A. white

11 MAR 2010. 12:09

Q. Charlie, where did your interest in hair initially come from? Imogen
A. Wahou it s a long story when i saw my mum naked i directly thought i had to be a hairdresser

11 MAR 2010. 12:06

Q. Hi charlie, just wanted to say you look so hot today x
A. Thank



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