Café Concert

Launched on 20 October 2011

Inspired by the tradition of the Café Chantant that enlivened the cultural sphere of belle époque Paris and London, we streamed a series of musical performances live and direct from the 2011 SHOWstudio Shop exhibition The Café, with sets from stars of the contemporary music scene.



Fashion DJs

07 April 2009
SHOWstudio and a selection of 'Fashion DJs' took up residence at Abbey Road Studios for an immersive three-day event.

Café Conversations

22 September 2011
SHOWstudio invited art and fashion world insiders to pull up a chair for coffee and conversation in this living art installation.

The Café

08 September — 05 November 2011
SHOWstudio's exhibition, The Café, examined our enduring fascination with café coffee culture and cafe society in fine art, fashion and film.
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