Launched on 09 March 2018

Aris Biniaris’s Bacchae explores the bestial power inherent in Dionysus, the God of theatre, lust and ritual madness. SHOWstudio, Nick Knight and the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens present a series of promotional posters exploring the raw animal nature in Biniaris’s production, juxtaposing the human and the carnal.



Antigone: Lonely Planet

19 December 2017
SHOWstudio's first collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre explores the contemporary relevance of Antigone - centred around Lena Kitsopoulou's retelling of the ancient play.


22 January 2018
SHOWstudio and the Onassis Cultural Centre open dialogue and expand the narrative around Christos Papadopoulos’s minimal, poetic dance piece, Ion.

Gareth Pugh S/S 15

24 September 2014
Explore Gareth Pugh’s immersive New York Fashion Week S/S 15 presentation exclusively on SHOWstudio.
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