Digital Design House Tribute Brand Looks To Victoria's Secret PINK to Inspire 'PUNK'

by SHOWstudio on 16 December 2022

ikon-1 designer Tribute Brand have announced their debut 'next-gen' platform with their first fashion drop, PUNK, inspired by the iconic Victoria's Secret PINK range.

ikon-1 designer Tribute Brand have announced their debut 'next-gen' platform with their first fashion drop, PUNK, inspired by the iconic Victoria's Secret PINK range.

Inspired by the ever-iconic Victoria's Secret PINK range, SHOWstudio contributor Tribute Brand's latest fashion drop PUNK departs from 'the once misogynistic and problematic stereotypes' surrounding the American Lingerie company.

Using 'stereotypical beliefs' to bridge the principles of fashion across the virtual and physical realms, Tribute Brand's PUNK looks to non-conformity, anti-authoritarianism, anti-corporatism and anti-corporate greed to create 'a look that rebels against the stereotypical image of a woman linked to the Punk movement', simultaneously commenting on Victoria’s Secret beauty standards and their tremendous impact on culture in America and beyond. Continuing on the path of shaping fashion's global digital market, the drop encompasses 'cross-universe' self expression, just as our latest NFT collection ikon-1 has, of which Tribute Brand were also a part of.

Tribute Brand 'Punk'

PUNK holders will have access to three different assets including $PUNKY (a 3D digital downloadable creature taken from the PINK plush toy brand mascot), a redeemable NFC chip-enabled physical PUNK tracksuit - bridging physical and virtual experiences - and a PUNK typeface, a core source of the other assets’ traits. Not only using Victoria's Secret as a reference point, the project also takes inspiration from zines, with a selection of real-life events accompanying the PUNK drop.

'Digital fashion shouldn’t be a replica of the physical world, but rather a totally new and exciting way to leverage digital platforms and reimagine the boundaries of self-expression', commented Gala Marija Vrbanic, Tribute Brand’s CEO and co-creative director. 'Through a tailored user experience, our advanced and proprietary technology enables a variety of cross-world styling applications that cover all identities and lead the way toward mass adoption of digital fashion.'

Offering 10,000 one-of-one PUNK digital assets for 0.03 ETH, Tribute Brand encourage users to interact and explore the drop through a gamified experience within a personalised web display on the platform. With additional plans to stock other labels over the coming months - all offering Tribute Brand services unique to the concept - a blossoming interconnected ecosystem is forming helped along by Tribute Street, a virtual Tribute Brand storefront inside MONA - a multiplayer platform for virtual socialisation.

Learn more at and Tribute Text.

Tribute Brand 'Punk'
Tribute Brand 'Punk'



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