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Show Report: TELFAR S/S 19

by Lars Byrresen Petersen on 9 September 2018

Lars Byrresen Petersen reports on the TELFAR S/S 19 show.

Lars Byrresen Petersen reports on the TELFAR S/S 19 show.

'T-E-L-F-A-R', went the anthem sung by Ian Isiah at the last Telfar show in February. It still plays in my head to this day. And fortunately for us, this season was no less memorable: Telfar is the only show on this planet worth waiting an hour in the rain for. After a hectic check-in process, Telfar shopping-bag clutching guests were seated under a makeshift rain cover (this blew off mid-show) where they patiently waited for the much-anticipated show to begin. A drummer started playing on the drum set placed in the centre of a helipad by the east river of NYC. People immediately started bopping their heads to the beat and the festivities had officially commenced.

American flags and iconography such as the Budweiser logo were incorporated into the now famous logo of the designer, almost as if reclaiming the nation as his version of what society should look like: an ultra queer society where everyone is welcomed and celebrated for their uniqueness.


Signature cut-out jeans were shown in different variations, styled with open sleeve jackets and off shoulder tank tops. The polos and shirts with oversized collars probably would have been gimmicky in the hands of any other, but at Telfar they worked to further emphasize the 70s vibe that the collection had - just like the wigs that some of the models were wearing.

By now, Telfar has created his very own church and at each show, he is preaching to the choir - no one has any doubt about the talent of this designer, who, for 12 years, fought for the recognition he always deserved. Not only does he create beautiful and wearable clothes, his work has also been included in several art shows around the world - another testimony to the intelligence behind the brand.


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