Tumblr Takeover: Christina Cacouris

Launched on 01 June 2016

For the first seven days of June 2016, journalist Christina Cacouris took over the SHOWstudio Tumblr page at our invitation.

Cacouris' curation, 'The Transatlantic Avant-Garde', focuses on the establishment of the Surrealist movement and the artists who shuttled back and forth between Paris and the US, whose works paved the way for modern fashion photography and the recognition of photography as an art form. Each day centres around an artist or pair of artists, and will also show how Surrealism moved between the worlds of art and fashion.

'In America, Europe saw modernity, youth, and progressiveness; in France, Americans saw a freedom for those who would face oppression otherwise, such as African American intellectuals and entertainers, like Josephine Baker,' said Cacouris. 'This cultural exchange and accessibility of travel generated a series of artists who capitalised on foreign appeal, and used their new found fame to launch artistic movements like Surrealism.'

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