Three Women Arrive

Launched on 18 May 2016

Three Women Arrive in suburban North Sydney. Their style, poise and peculiar behaviour quickly arouses suspicion amongst the close knit community, who are equally mesmerised by the women's beauty and appalled by their inappropriate and mysterious demeanours. A confrontation ensues, resulting in a modern day witch hunt finale.



The Glow and the Gloom

01 July 2011
A hypnotic, colour-suffused and truly obsessive look at the finest pieces from Spring/Summer 2011.

Eastern Promises

25 January 2013
Filmmaker Marie Schuller eschewed Paris and headed to Singapore to cover Couture Week 2012.

House of Flora A/W 13

26 February 2013
House of Flora is an avant-garde headwear label that creates distinctive pieces for the catwalk, fashion campaigns and collectors. This fashion short launches the brand's latest collection.
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