Home Dance

Launched on 10 November 2000

'Just for those two and a half minutes, life is fantastic.’ Fashion photographer Elaine Constantine documents members of her beloved Northern soul scene getting ready for a night out on the floor in this documentary film.



Express Yourself

13 March 2012
Exploring the 'sissy bounce' movement in New Orleans, this project showcases the trademark gymnastic choreography of 'bounce' dancers and the new track by Diplo.

Northern Soul Girl

15 September 2014
Nick Knight invited Youtube dance sensation 'Northern Soul Girl' to create a fashion film specially for SHOWstudio.

The New Faces

09 March 2012
Focusing on the sartorial passion and commitment of young British Mods in the twenty-first century, The New Faces is a documentary showcasing the continuing popularity of the sixties-born youth cult.
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