Hard Ears

Launched on 08 December 2016

Ronan Mckenzie is a British photographer, stylist and commentator who has created imagery for the likes of i-D, Wonderland and Vogue. Here, she opens up to Georgina Evans about her new magazine HARD EARS. Offering her personal commentary on the making of the magazine, Mckenzie comments on her contributors, her strong family influence and the magazine's overall aim — to be a completely uncensored, non-elitist, non-exploitative place for honest images and words that reflect the norm and the now.




23 January 2002
Focusing on fashion imagery published and withdrawn at the time of the attacks of 9/11, Killed examines work by Raf Simons, David Sims, Nick Knight and more.

Come As You Are

06 December 2002
Readers submitted Dazed photomontages in celebration of the magazine's ten year anniversary.


19 March 2010
Ghostly shapes, darting lasers and another manifestation of fashion's fascination with the future.
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