Gucci Celebrates The Next 100 Years Of Gucci With A Digital Auction

by SHOWstudio on 24 June 2022

The brand’s latest foray into the world of Web 3.0 is a digital exhibition of exclusive NFTs.

The brand’s latest foray into the world of Web 3.0 is a digital exhibition of exclusive NFTs.

Get your Ethereum ready; Alessandro Michele has teamed up with pioneering digital marketplace SuperRare to create a virtual art gallery as part of Gucci’s experimental online space, Vault. First conceived in 2021, the immersive digital platform will debut its first digital art exhibition, The Next 100 Years of Gucci. Said to be a celebration of the Italian brand's past, present, and future, 29 prominent digital artists, including Ignasi Monreal, eBoy, and VEXX, were commissioned to create exclusive NFTs to be showcased and auctioned off. While Michele has built the brand with his distinct vintage-inspired aesthetic, he's never been shy to adopt emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality. Last year he released The Gucci Virtual 25, a pair of digital trainers that could only be purchased on virtual reality social platforms like VRChat.

Spring Cry by Alanna Vanacore

To coincide with the brand's continued exploration of Web 3.0 it will be hosting three talks on Twitter Spaces where curator and writer Rowynn Dumont will discuss the works featured with the selected artists. These talks will later be available as episodes of the Gucci Podcast, in whats sure to be pivotal chapter in the brand's history which celebrated its centenary last year. The works will be presented in three drops with the first June 23 to July 1, the second from July 7 to July 15, and the third from July 21 to July 29. You can check out the first instalment on Gucci Vault now.

The Eyes of the Tiger by Sasha Katz



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