The Fashion Slashie Podcast is Your How-To Guide for a Modern Fashion Career

by SHOWstudio on 8 October 2020

Hosted by Lara Johnson-Wheeler for the platform ClickerMe, the podcast sees top multi-disciplinary fashion creatives talk about their different fashion skills.

Hosted by Lara Johnson-Wheeler for the platform ClickerMe, the podcast sees top multi-disciplinary fashion creatives talk about their different fashion skills.

Hitting podcast apps near you very soon is the new season of The Fashion Slashie: A ClickerMe Podcast. Centred around people in fashion who have more than one string to their bow, the podcast is hosted by writer/editor/broadcaster Lara Johnson-Wheeler and produced by Tom Zambaz.

Commissioned by ClickerMe, a platform dedicated to making fashion collaborations happen, the podcast sees influential, aspirational creatives in conversation with Johnson-Wheeler, exploring how they work across more than one creative field and, in doing so, flesh out a well-rounded fashion career. Spanning the fields of modelling, photography, styling, writing, creative direction, publishing and influencing, these successful ‘slashies’ share crucial insights into navigating the fashion industry, fulfilling multiple roles to pursue their passions. 

Season 1 episodes feature Tayler Prince-Fraser, Kate Iorga, Theo White, Eva Losada, Rob Rusling and Nassia Matsa, and the new season will include see interviews dropping with nail technician/artist Sylvie Macmillan, designer/fashion editor Mimi Wade, art director/visual merchandiser PZ Opassuksatit and more. 

Lara Johnson-Wheeler said of the podcast: 'Anyone who works in the creative industries–and especially in fashion–knows the importance and necessity of ensuring your specialisms are broad and varied. The Fashion Slashie, as commissioned by ClickerMe, seeks to share the stories and advice of industry experts, from stylists / photographers to nail techs / sculptors, who successfully navigate fashion's need for multiple roles.' 

'Tom [Zambaz, producer] and I wanted to provide a podcast for aspiring fashion creatives that inspires - whilst ensuring we don't gloss over those less-glamorous elements of being a fashion freelancer. We talk openly about navigating day rates, invoicing, chasing people on email, socialising while navigating anxiety, FOMO and many other home truths that, honestly, I wish someone had told me about when I first went freelance!'

'Of course, recording mainly in lockdown, we also discussed the effect of COVID-19 and the government's ever-changing restrictions on the fashion industry as a whole as well as to individual freelancers. Their perspectives shone light from all angles on the circumstantial nature of freelancing and, fundamentally, how fashion relies upon communication and creative thinking to flourish.'

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