LiveStudio: Void of Course

published on 31 January 2012

Revisit the highlights of design duo Void of Course's 2012 design residency with this exclusive edited footage. Designers Chris Sutton and Sean-Anthony Moran created a one-off series on garments live on camera, while interacting with SHOWstudio viewers via the chat.

Revisit the highlights of design duo Void of Course's 2012 design residency with this exclusive edited footage. Designers Chris Sutton and Sean-Anthony Moran created a one-off series on garments live on camera, while interacting with SHOWstudio viewers via the chat.

96 Q&A Posts

23 FEB 2012. 19:02

Q. Can I reserve the tits hat please
A. Really? Of course he can, if he puts it in Vogue.

23 FEB 2012. 19:00

Q. Anna be careful don't cut yourself!
A. Yeah, she needs her hands!

23 FEB 2012. 17:01

Q. Most interesting person you have ever met?
A. Chris: A really good question. Everyone I work with is a whole new universe. Not just one person. Everyone's really interesting.

23 FEB 2012. 16:57

Q. This Q might be too personal.........Since your design is , as much as I can see, very dark....from where does the darkness come? :)
A. Chris: That's not too personal... Our minds. I think it speaks for its self. When me and my cousin were little we used to go on and watch until we were almost sick. We watched people commit suicide and be run over and hit by trees to see what the bodies looked like afterwards. I think that's funny now so that probably says something.

23 FEB 2012. 16:44

Q. There are a lot of evident referents in your work that brings S&M roll playing -like the butcher or the spiked bulge on your RomanceOfViolence Collection- right to our minds. Which are your purposes when making clothes? To approach any musician (Lady GaGa has sported your creations), to create something "artsy" or to simply sell your clothes (even if it ends up in a dungeon); I'm a photographer and I think your work is absolutely inspiring but, what's the element, THAT ELEMENT, you think sets you apart from doing costumes for people involved on S&M to actually doing fashion?
A. Chris: We do create costumes for people like Lady Gaga so in that way there is no difference.
Sean: We put more fashion into our collection
Chris: If a client wanted an inflatable bubble dress we could do it but we couldn't do it for the collection. We have our PR and our team around us focusing on the label and what's best for that. We control who gets to wear it and we really care about where it ends up

23 FEB 2012. 16:36

Q. I'm really interested in how did you come up with the name? It's f *** brilliant!!biz
A. Chris: A book by Jim Carroll (a dug addict from New York) and also the inspiration of the name, a period just after a full moon where anything that begins is doomed to failure, seemed perfect for us

23 FEB 2012. 16:26

Q. When you take on an assignment, do you think of it as your own work or the client's work?
A. Chris: It has our name at the end of the day.
Sean: We take the brief as the basis but we reinterpret it.
Chris: If it was the clients work they could do it themselves.

23 FEB 2012. 16:25

Q. Would you ever consider using 3D printing in future designs?
A. Chris: That is something we're considering in the near future
Sean: Stop talking.
Chris: I will stop talking now.

23 FEB 2012. 16:25

Q. Can I just say how well they are doing...How lovely everyone is,,, You guys too,xxJune
A. Chris: June's my mother who is watching at home with my grandmother.

23 FEB 2012. 16:22

Q. Eric again. Is there a particular song or playlist that you guys listen to - to get inspired... or songs that you just love to hear during the creative process?? The music in the background right now - radio/ipod/internet?
A. Chris: The music is my ipod with a playlist from my iMac at home which I picked because I knew we would enjoy it

23 FEB 2012. 16:19

Q. How would you describe your style?
A. Chris: Visceral. Its an impulse that you have to follow through with.

23 FEB 2012. 16:15

Q. when working, do you always have the finished project in mind or are you more about the journey than the destination? By the way, I'm really enjoying your work so far, it is so organic!
A. Chris: A bit of both. The dress we know how that will look but the headpiece I have no idea what it will look like.

23 FEB 2012. 16:12

Q. What do you think about Dostoyevsky's tought that "Beauty will save the world" ? Cheers, Rigaa Blau, Romania.
A. Chris: Beauty is objectve so I don't know how useful that staement is to anyone. I think that Art will save the world.

23 FEB 2012. 15:52

Q. What do you think of Isabella Blow?
A. Chris: She's an icon, I think she's beautiful and magic

23 FEB 2012. 15:51

Q. Seeing that you have the platform of SHOWstudio at the moment would is there any other designers/artists emerging or otherwise you would like to shine a spot light on? Alex Brennan
A. Chris: Its difficult becuase the people who I know who are amazing have their PR and a spotlight of their own. I haven't been home to Belfast to see the new designers so I can't really speak though I would have loved to.

23 FEB 2012. 15:42

Q. Is there any publications or media outlets you would like to be featured in the future? Or any other aspirations for exposure and recognition of your work Alex (not Fury)
A. Chris: I feel really guilty asking for anything else after the publications we've been in, Numero two issues back to back two double page spreads. The holy grail for us is Vogue Italia that would bring a single tear if we were to be in there.

23 FEB 2012. 15:30

Q. would you be up for making a dress for my big fat gypsy wedding?
A. We did one already. It was awful. I don't want to talk about it.

23 FEB 2012. 15:28

Q. J´adore VOC. tu es incroyable
A. What was that? Oh is it French?! We don't get a lot of fan mail. Probably the most on SHOWstudio today. Once we posted a review by Vogue and got four likes. That was pretty much it.

23 FEB 2012. 15:11

Q. Seinfeld?
A. Never watch Seinfeld, I thought it was as boring as shit.

23 FEB 2012. 15:10

Q. what do you think about raf simons leaving jil sander. and the actual jil coming back to it?
A. I haven't got a clue that that even happened. But I'll tell you what, I remember watching this really shit tv channel - it's called Fashion TV, and they show you fashion shows, so you think you're watching like Paris Fashion Week, but it's actually like a shit Turkish show from 1992 for M&S, or something. But there was one show I watched and though - I like it all - and it was Raf Simons.

23 FEB 2012. 15:03

Q. If your life would be a colour, what would it be and why?
A. Ceurelan blue because of this.

23 FEB 2012. 14:52

Q. Will Anna Trevelyan going to be joining you today? Alex (not Fury)
A. Yes. Anna will be here in an hour, with our make-up artist Lucy Bridge and hair. So yes she's coming!

23 FEB 2012. 14:51

Q. I want you guys to make my prom outfit and chris to be my date :)
A. aww that's really sweet, I'll get you really drunk!

23 FEB 2012. 14:17

Q. If a haute couture maison's designer were to unexpectedly die and you were chosen to be the next creative director to continue the brand image but add some of your own VOC flavour to it, which maison would you choose? And what would be the first thing you would send down the runway with the couturiers under your control? Jarrod from Australia
A. Maybe Mugler. But the dream job is Gaultier. We would suit it there. There's a sense of humour there. We could bring all our strange black stuff. I was so shocked with the reaction to the Amy Winehouse collection.

23 FEB 2012. 14:10

Q. Who would you like to envision the garment being worn by? and why?
A. Chris: Probably someone iconic from history if I'm giving a real answer. Marlene Dietrich or Joan Crawford. Marlene would be up for wearing it.

23 FEB 2012. 14:06

Q. Hi guys I was just wondering is there any representation behind the tumours? Or are they just there because there beautiful? I am currently creating an exhibition based on tumours and trying to get my own tumour back that I donated to medical research. The people I have told about this are completely disgusted or horrified, what do you think? And do you ever worry about other peoples reactions to your work? Aaron Whitty (from yesterday)
A. No one has ever said anything bad about it. I don't think some people realise what they are. They don't put two and two together. It's just what I'm interested in - body dysmorphia and all that.

23 FEB 2012. 13:54

Q. I named my dog Fendi... Is that ghetto?
A. Chris: It's chavvy. I like it. I knew someone who named her daughter Lasagne so that's a step up.

23 FEB 2012. 13:48

Q. Honest opinion on bryanboy?
A. Chris: I'm friends with Byanboy. I met him before I had anything to do with fashion. He's actually really awesome. He's a sweetheart. I think he comes off as a bit if a bitch and gives the wrong impression but he's so lovely.

23 FEB 2012. 13:34

Q. Where's the Celine Dion?! I'm very disappointed. Tuning in from Milan fashion week and everything. In fact, here's another question: what would you frock up Saint Celine in? Much love, Alex Fury.
A. Chris: Her new Las Vegas show she's actually got really serious and got Versace involved. My favourite outfit was the back to front Versace suit. I would get her out of those boob tube ballgowns dress her in a latex dress to get her camel toe out
Note: Chris then dedicated the Celine Dion song which came on to Alex Fury

23 FEB 2012. 13:30

Q. Apologies if you've already been asked this question, but I'm intreagued to know: Do you hope that your styles will become mainstream and will encourage a braver high street, or are you ambitious that your work will remains the costume of performers? In short- are you hoping that your designs / concepts as they are now will be worn as fashion or should they remain pieces of art? It's great to see designers / creaters taking a risk again- thank you
A. Chris: Its already hapening. At the last fahsion week there were leather and latex looks. Its already being what I want it to be.

23 FEB 2012. 13:28

Q. Is Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice a constant theme then? I'm more Cher from Clueless myself...
A. Chris: Yes, constantly. Deep down I'm an emo girl.

23 FEB 2012. 13:27

Q. You don't show on the London Fashion Week schedule - would you ever want to show there, or somewhere else in the world?
A. We have an idea for next season. We don't want to be part of the institution. We want to have an event that everyones excited to go. No offence to the London Fashion Council but we don't want to be part of Somerset House.

23 FEB 2012. 13:24

Q. What do you think about Kanye stealing Matthew Williams from Gaga?
A. I love Matthew's work and I really want to work with him. I think he has a really crisp clean aesthectic which is very beautiful. Good for Matthew. It takes some balls.

23 FEB 2012. 13:19

Q. What do you guys think about Kanye and this whole fashion designer phase he's going through? Flop?
A. Sean: I hate Kanye's work. He should just stay in the studio.
Chris: They were really badly finished. I respect him for giving it a go but saying that he did an internship and that he really grafted. Do you really believe he worked for two years? More like two minutes. He wore womenswear though and I respect him for that.

23 FEB 2012. 12:55

Q. If gays do it better, Does that mean you prefer Karl over Coco?
A. Sean: I'd have to fly the flag for Coco. There is a theory that gay men design better for women - because they step back, there's no sexual element. But I love Coco. Who am I to say she did a crap job? Look at the legacy she left.
Chris: I think Karl's great, if only for all the crap he comes out with. I do think gay men do design well. Because when they are growing up they have no indentity - so they study other people to see how men should behave, and women should behave etc. So they become very good at understanding other people.

23 FEB 2012. 12:36

Q. Who does Versace better? Donatella or Giani?
A. Chris: That's a really easier answer. Gays do it better... Giani was a genius.  But if I was hooker from Manchester I would say Donnatella. DOnnatella is great but Giani is a master. I would kill for anything from his collection.

23 FEB 2012. 12:27

Q. Which one of madonnas looks do you hate?
A. I think that she should be flogged for that whole sticky and sweet tour. I don't want to see her in hoodies. I want to see her in Gaultier and nipple clamps. I have very strong opinions about this.

23 FEB 2012. 12:26

Q. So we know who Sean and Chris are, Who are you in the middle? Introduce yourself!
A. Peter is Chris and Sean's assistant/intern person.
Peter: I have been their Assistant/Intern for the last 9 months. I love it to be honest. I enjoy going into work. It's fun going  into work. I have freedom and feel that I have input and say.
Chris: He never complains. He had new shoes and had to run all over London with bleeding feet and he never complained.

23 FEB 2012. 12:20

Q. What would you dress miss piggy in?
A. Chris: I would dress Miss Piggy in two loves of bread and butter because I love bacon.
She would be a bacon butty in two minutes.

23 FEB 2012. 12:17

Q. If you had a time machine, where would you go and what would you like to see?
A. Chris: I would go back to 1975 at the London Palladium and see Karen Carpenter live.
Sean: I don't know. You spring these questions on me.
Chris: He would go back to 5 years ago and not meet me. Would you go back to new york and party with people?
Sean: I suppose I would
Chris: I would go back to Diana's crash in the tunnel and film it to see what happened.

23 FEB 2012. 12:14

Q. What's your favourite film ever?
A. Chris: I'll give you the bullshit call answers then the real answers.
Requiem for a Dream. I think that's a beautiful film..
My favourite films are Hocus Pocus and Death Becomes Her. We have a drinking game for Showgirls. Every time they talk about nails or have a bitch fight we take a shot.
Sean: I'm a geek like that I don't like to take music or fims so seriously. Just something to have fun watching. I don't need something that's going to challenge who I am I want something that I can have a laugh to

23 FEB 2012. 12:00

Q. Do you guys ever wear anything as edgy as the stuff you make?
A. I made this studded leather jacket, I wear the vintage modified stuff and the latex a couple of times. One was Halloween. Me and Sean aren't really fashion kids. we wear them to club nights to take the piece but we're not really that kind of people.

23 FEB 2012. 11:53

Q. Are those breast on the hat?
A. Yes, they are plastic breasts and tumours covered in latex. I didn't want it to look like I had just made a hat.

23 FEB 2012. 11:34

Q. What is the new black?
A. Mint.

23 FEB 2012. 10:59

Q. What can you say about the evolution of fashion?
A. Who gives a fuck. End of statement. That's someone else's business

22 FEB 2012. 16:26

Q. Watching you guys work today has been the perfect way to spend my day off uni. actually knitting with pvc now for a project so you're really inspiring! ryan xx
A. Go and have a cigarette and a Vodka, you deserve it Ryan!

22 FEB 2012. 16:20

Q. What's the best perk in being a designer? Jonny, Belfast
Chris: Is it Jonny that i know?
A. Theres one that i can think of and its concert tickets, it's nice to get free seats a concert.
Peter: Not having to work in an office.
Chris: Getting to make whatever comes into your head.

22 FEB 2012. 16:19

Q. Have you ever tried on one of the dresses you made? i heard most male designers do
A. They're too small!
I tried on a pair of rubber shorts from our frist collection and it was horrific! No, latex isn't very flattering.
No, we don't have any urge to try on girls clothes.
There's envy, but no jealousy, it would be cool to wear the leather pieces.

22 FEB 2012. 16:19

Q. Regular coke or diet coke? does it really matter?
A. Yes it does matter, you don't get a fine ass like mine drinking full fat.
Peter: Apparently Diet is worse for you.
We dont take drugs so we need our red bull and sugar.

22 FEB 2012. 16:13

Q. CUSTOMER MARKET - who would you like to see wearing the one-off series garments you are making at present?
A. Gillian Anderson!!
Actually, it would be really cool if Ladyhawk would wear it as she's performing soon, or Lady Gaga.
Actually, Alex Fury.

22 FEB 2012. 16:07

Q. What was your favorite piece/work from the 'In your face' SHOWstudio exhibition? (excluding your own) Alex
A. The LucyandBart piece inspired me straight away, i thought "shit, i wish i'd done that first".

22 FEB 2012. 16:07

Q. Chris got some fine man butt...just sayin :)
A. Chris: Chris is single... just sayin....

22 FEB 2012. 16:07

Q. How do you blend fashion and fetish so seamlisly?
A. Chris: I didn't think I did, i just think I do things that interest me, so maybe it's just in my subconscious.
Maybe its just the textile that we use that makes it happen.
Shaun: Sometimes we try to move away from fetish because we're not trying to be a sex label, we like that stuff and enjoy it but we're not a sex boutique.

22 FEB 2012. 16:04

Q. I just tuned in. Sorry. cAn you guys quickly explain what everyone's doing?
A. Chris: You're high maintenance, who is that?
I'm waiting for something to dry.
Peter: I'm working on the headpiece to the dress.
Shaun: I'm "Trying" to make a dress.

22 FEB 2012. 16:03

Q. Your playlist is awesome! who's picking the tracks?
A. Chris: Me.
Its from my imac at home.

22 FEB 2012. 16:00

Q. Giving anything up for lent? :)
A. Vagina!
No, we're not religious so probably not!

22 FEB 2012. 15:48

Q. I'm terribly sorry, I don't know the name of the man in the middle with the t-shirt that says "BOY" on it! I'm curious though, where did he get his shoes from? What brand, perhaps? They look awesome on him. And please let Chris know that I love his phone's cover. :) Thanks, Michael
A. My name is Pete, I got my shoes from Topman, i got a discount because I used to work there, but you can get them from Underground, if you type it into google their website should come up.
Chris: Thanks Michael! I got it from Amazon for £2.90!

22 FEB 2012. 15:38

A. Chris- can i change my answer!!? I've got a good one...
Mine would be "It's all coming back to me now" by Celine Dion.

22 FEB 2012. 15:34

Q. If you could live in a music video it would be... ???
A. Shaun: the first one that pops into my head- Ahah- take on me.
Chris: Marilyn Manson- I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me.

22 FEB 2012. 15:25

Q. Been watching this for almost 6 hours and i´m still fascinated about you guys. you work so organic and are so limitless when it comes to design.
A. Really? 6 hours? Wow, whats your name? you deserve a t-shirt!

22 FEB 2012. 15:24

Q. Which is your biggest motivation? - Louis Pontikis
A. Dunno, i feel like i've got artistic tourettes syndrome.
Shaun: From a practical sense i always look at my dads business as a starting point because he's doing well and working hard and i always try to do well in what i do, and he's always there to give me advice if I need it.

22 FEB 2012. 15:24

Q. Is the chevron a hidden but obvious symbol that you guys like to put into your designs? Does it hold a hidden message ?
A. It gives you a direction as to where you should be heading... no.Arrows are interesting, i have arrows tattooed on me, anything pointing is interesting, even the symbol for women is an arrow, its quite sexy.

22 FEB 2012. 15:17

Q. What did the people from your home towns think of you playing with nobs and tits? do you parents question it?
A. Chris: My dad said it might be good if you did some things without penis' on it- it might sell better, but i don't think any one really questions it.
To be honest i don't think anyone in my home town really knows what I do.

22 FEB 2012. 15:10

Q. In 20 years time, where would you like Void of Course to be and what would you like people to think? A household name? a pair of happy designers from Ireland that broke the mould?
A. We'd love it to be a business, with a shop online.
Like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, they broke the mould and did it themselves, but baby steps though.

22 FEB 2012. 15:07

Q. Is it true that you created your previous fashion films yourself? would you be interested collaborating with fashion filmmakers for projects?
A. Yep we did, and yes we'd like to collaborate but its just a question of time!
It took ages doing it ourselves, who else would of done it?
We just grabbed props from a theatre company I was working at.

22 FEB 2012. 15:01

Q. I'm at home making an outfit for tonight, do you like my nipples? And the nails? Aaron Whitty
A. Amazing!
You should paint the buttons the same colour as your nails, i want flesh nipples, not gold nipples!

22 FEB 2012. 15:00

Q. Do you have any tattoos that have been inspired by the garments you make or vice versa?
A. Chris: I've got loads of tattoos, about 22, but no, they haven't been inspired by our work, maybe they're cheey like our work but not inspired by.

22 FEB 2012. 14:51

Q. Who inspired you in fashion when growing up? Alex
A. Shaun: I always loved Vivienne Westwood, because of how she cut the clothes, because i'm the garment maker i'm always looking at how other people make theirs.

Chris: I don't know if it would of been a fashion designer, it would of been MTV, pop music videos, Madonna, i didn't really follow designers, Belfast doesn't have any boutiques or anything.

22 FEB 2012. 14:27

Q. Had a good lunch?
A. We went to Eat and had a sandwich, it was very nice.

22 FEB 2012. 13:33

Q. Looking at your past and current work, where did the influence of sexuality originate from?
A. Chris: My penis.

22 FEB 2012. 13:07

Q. Have you ever been on photo shoots to help with art direction or styling? if so how was that experience? Alex (apologies if a bit off topic)
A. Chris: I worked with a photographer in Dublin as an art director but I wanted to have more input. I would love to collaborate, I don't want to be one of those designers who wants to be a stylist becuase I respect stylists but I would love to collaborate. I'm not sure how you would define what I want to do.

22 FEB 2012. 13:02

Q. Who is your dream client? anyone you would love to dress?
A. Madonna is an icon. She would be a dream.
As a male icon Marilyn Manson. His work in androgyny has been an inspiration. His videos were an inspiration to us. River phoenix or Elizabeth Taylor. I'm not a big fan of the guys.

22 FEB 2012. 12:43

Q. Is ruth there? if she is she should wear the final piece. i love you guys btw.
A. Ruth who? The film maker?
We don't know her but we love her work, we'd love to work with her.

22 FEB 2012. 12:40

Q. What brand is your glasses ...? Michael of Polish
A. Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford's glasses look really pretty but they don't really suit my face.

22 FEB 2012. 12:24

Q. Who are your favourite male models? Alex
A. Andrej Peyic - That's what should be going on, that freedom is what should be happening.

22 FEB 2012. 12:23

Q. If you could pick a normal celeb to embrace the brand, who would it be ? None fashion celeb btw.
A. Gillian Anderson, I can't not look on her face. I asked her to come and wear the final piece.

22 FEB 2012. 12:22

Q. Have you seen the gaga wore your latex/chiffon masterpiece with a baseball hat to a game?
A. I thought it was amazing that she wore a £1,00 piece of couture to a baseball game. Only she could have done it. I thought her tits looked great in it though.

22 FEB 2012. 12:09

Q. I love how he´s just playing with those plastic nipples :D xoxo from Germany
A. Chris: What can I say - I love having a great big tit in my hand...

22 FEB 2012. 12:04

Q. What do you do to take time to switch off and recharge? Or can you switch off?
A. Chris does't switch off
It gets to the point where my health suffers from it. I feel we're only as good as the thing we're working on.

22 FEB 2012. 11:16

Q. How do you determine who is doing what, here?
A. We just kind of know what needs to be done here. I am doing something really basic here - but I just know it needs to be done.

22 FEB 2012. 11:05

Q. Do you think you have discovered a muse yet?
A. Yeah. I feel like I've got someone who inspires me. Maybe our stylist Anna Trevelyan - how can you not be inspired by her - she just fires out so much stuff. Some of our designs, you have Anna in mind, how can you not? She's so sparkly and you just want to look at her!

22 FEB 2012. 10:54

Q. Describe yourselves in 3 words...
A. Anxious, tired and very happy!

22 FEB 2012. 10:43

Q. Who's the guy sewing?
A. That's my adopted brother - he was homeless we found him in Soho. He's our assistant. 'I do love them."

22 FEB 2012. 10:42

Q. Who or what are your top 5 visual references? What imagery inspires Void of Course?
A. I don't want to say visual inspiration. Its more an emotion. I like the bondage stuff, because it's really honest.

22 FEB 2012. 10:41

Q. How did you get discovered?
A. Really easy answer. I was friends with a very handsome stylist. Nicola Formichetti. I didn't actually know he worked with Gaga. Until I heard her thanking him on TV - I was like why is she thanking Nicola? So through that we started making stuff for her, and yeah...

22 FEB 2012. 10:41

Q. Where did you both grow up? What's that sexy accent?
A. Well  I grew up in Dublin, but I've been here for almost 10 years.  - He sounds like a farmer! I grew up in Belfast, I lived in Dublin for 2 years, and lived here for 2 years.

22 FEB 2012. 10:40

Q. Sorry to ask, but really, what was it like working with GAGA?! Amazing or really difficult?
A. That's a personal relationship and professional relationship - but she is the most creative open person, wonderful to work with!

22 FEB 2012. 10:40

Q. Why is so much of your collection about masking?
A. No its not - there are 4 mask in the last collections. I think people think there are a lot f masks because they got a lot of press. The reason there are so many is because the face is so interesting.

22 FEB 2012. 10:36

Q. How did you guys meet?
A. We met because I was in Dublin trying to be an actor. Me and Shaun met for the firt time - at this really shit photography exhibition in Dublin. Probably 5 years ago. We both just had some wine, started chatting were chatting fro about an hour. That's kind of where it started.

22 FEB 2012. 10:36

Q. Why do you have a little baby in a gas mask on the rail by the window?
A. No real reason, it lives in our living room. It's just for fun.

22 FEB 2012. 06:03

Q. How big of a role does technology play in your work? Do you view the internet as an extension as your artistic practice?
A. In terms of research yes - it's so current. It has to be, I have my laptop next to me all day every day - as far as technology goes in the collection -I'd love to have fabric that can morph and change colour. But with technology you'd use your imagination, and that helps!

21 FEB 2012. 20:42

Q. How do you find new ways to shock?
A. I don't think that's our point. We're just taing the piss. I didn't study fashion, I just thought it was funny, a dick on a heel.

21 FEB 2012. 20:41

Q. Latex is a very sexual fabrication, the workmanship that the duo reveals every season is outrageous. My question is, what happens when Latex falls back out of fashion, will your experimentation stop there? If not have you considered smart fabrications? SVDS
A. When we started doing it - latex wasn't in fashion. It's amking latex part of the garment. My favourite thing about latex is cutting it. It's the best thing - cutting it!

21 FEB 2012. 20:27

Q. Where do you perceive the future of fashion heading? Do you believe that past fashion choices predict future ones?
A. I think there's nothing new any more, its all about individual interpretations.

21 FEB 2012. 19:25

Q. Do you ever find yourselves in moments of creative difference or dispute? If so, how do you go about a compromise?
A. When we disagree, we have a way of changing each others minds. If I'm not sure I'll try and change it and see if I like it.

21 FEB 2012. 19:21

Q. Earlier this week Vivienne Westwood spoke out about how badly everyone in Britain is dressing, looking like clones and having no variety. Do you agree with this statement? Your biggest fan, Aaron Whitty, London.
A. Chris: I think you have to take what she says with a pinch of salt.
I think people conform to not comform, i think its sexier when people dress as themselves, like in a grey t-shirt they really love, i think when people buy into fashion they start dressing the same because fashion is a trend.

Concept and Guests:
Void Of Course
Amber-Rose Peake
Lucy Bridge
Film Edit:
Gibran Ramos
Lance Horn
Technical Supervision:
Camera Assistance:
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18 May 2012
Latex doyenne Atsuko Kudo provides a lesson in 'dressing for pleasure' in a fetishistic exploration of the dialogue between clothing and empowerment.

Article: Helen's Story

26 May 2008
Originally published in The Guardian Weekend, 14 September 1996: An extract from Helen Storey's 1996 autobiography – Fighting Fashion.
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