Void of Course

Launched on 22 February 2012

As part of the SHOWstudio Shop exhibition In Your Face, avant-garde fashion design duo Void Of Course took up residence at SHOWstudio for two days to create a one-off 'performance portrait' in a unique live broadcast. The term 'Void Of Course' describes a moment in the lunar cycle where the moon moves into a new aspect, a time notoriously associated with a sense of detachment, melancholy and a loosening grip of reality.

Main Contributors



Judy Blame: In Black and White

10 June 2010
Legendary stylist and designer Judy Blame took up residence in the studio to craft an array of artefacts live on camera.


03 April 2013
Couturier Iris van Herpen creates an impossible dress live at SHOWstudio in a collaboration with Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness.

In Your Face

01 December — 09 March 2012
'I think there are things that need to be changed about this world. And the first time I started becoming excited by art it was the art of propaganda: the idea of photography with a message, photography that was saying something...'
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