Tumblr Takeover: Research and References

Launched on 01 February 2012

Behind every fashion campaign and editorial there are weeks of work, from frantic pre-production to shoots that last days, not to mention retouching and post-production. But one important element that is often unseen is the sharing of visual research and references between members of the creative team, informing the look and feel of the final images.

Main Contributors



Tumblr Takeover: Judy Blame Sketchbooks

12 April 2012
A very special Tumblr takeover featuring scans from the sketchbooks of stylist and designer Judy Blame.

Rei, I Don't Exist

03 April 2012
Artist Rei Nadal curated a week-long Tumblr takeover on the subject of 'fashion fetish'.

Tumblr Takeover: Simon Foxton

05 March 2012
Way back in 2012, stylist Simon Foxton was the first creative invited to curate the SHOWstudio Tumblr.
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