Tumblr Takeover: Dominic Myatt

Launched on 01 May 2018

Each month SHOWstudio hands the Tumblr account over to an invited guest to curate a week of content. May 2018's curator is London based artist and tattooist Dominic Myatt. Since his time at Goldsmiths College in London, Myatt’s work has taken various inspiration from the classically structured erotic novellas of the Marquis de Sade, as well as Surrealist Georges Bataille’s enigmatic musings on eroticism and its connections with death and sacrifice.

Main Contributors




26 September 2010
A project inspired by shifting notions of sex, sexuality and physicality, an underground New Orleans dance scene and the work of a cult illustrator...

Rei, I Don't Exist

03 April 2012
Artist Rei Nadal curated a week-long Tumblr takeover on the subject of 'fashion fetish'.


19 September 2018
SHOWstudio’s 2018 Queer project is an open, interrogative and creative exploration of the term, celebrating communities that align with contemporary notions of queerness and the fashion that emerges.
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