Launched on 02 July 2014

In tandem with our Subjective series, which presents the history of contemporary fashion photography as told from models' perspectives, Nick Knight launches Transformative, a series of interviews with stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers. The series aims to highlight and celebrate the tireless behind-the-scenes work these individuals do, rather than simply crediting the photographer as the mastermind of a fashion shot. Knight talks to a range of industry experts whose skills helped create the world's most iconic images.




20 December 2000
A four year-old, a one year-old and two three year-olds run the show in this exploration of childhood creativity.


21 March 2001
SHOWstudio invited artist Steve McQueen to interview whoever he wanted: McQueen chose his favourite musician, Tricky.

Make It Up

22 February 2002
Make-up artist and SHOWstudio regular Val Garland orchestrated a painterly shoot - a fashion performance caught on camera.
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