Fashion Film

Fashion Film: Tom Ford S/S 16

published on 2 October 2015

Lady Gaga, a Soul Train dance-off and Tom Ford's S/S 16 collection come together in a fashion film by Nick Knight.

Lady Gaga, a Soul Train dance-off and Tom Ford's S/S 16 collection come together in a fashion film by Nick Knight.

Photographic Direction:
Benoît Delhomme
Art Direction:
Trey Laird at Laird and Partners
Lady Gaga, Xiao Wen Ju, Lexi Boling, Adrien Galo at IMG, Valery Kaufman at Society, Aymeline Valade and Mica Arganaraz at DNA, Kayla Scott at Ford, Lida Fox and Lucky Blue Smith at Next, Alex Dustan at Select, Thomas Gibbons at Fusion, Reynolds Duck at New York Models, Eric Ramos and David Agbdji at Re:Quest, Mark K and Joe Slaughter at MSA and Marcus Mitchell and Noel Fraias at BLOC
Stephen Galloway
Stephane Marais
April Foreman
Film Edit:
Dustin Robertson
Set Design:
Lady Gaga - 'I Want Your Love' (feat. Nile Rodgers), Produced by Rene Arsenault and Billy Mohler for Riot City (, mixed by Matty Green
Digital Post:
Loic Mais
Colour Grading:
Stefan Sonnerfeld at Company3
Executive Production:
Oliver Hicks at North Six
A White Label Product and North Six Productions
Photographic Assistance:
Britt Lloyd, Markn Ogue, James Stopworth and James Perry
Styling Assistance:
Ben Perreira, Ron Hartleben and Lizzy Seguin
Set Assistance:
Jenn Lee, Shelley Borgon, Brad Zoellick
Make-up Assistance:
Amber Dreadron, Mia Yang, Shin Tsai, Natasha Severino, Kelly Huny, Jenna Garagiola, Satya Linak, Leah Carmichael and Paul Blanch
Hair Assistance:
Eamonn Hughes, Delcan Sheils, Valarie Benevidos, Marcia Lee, Piera Berdiccia, Helen Reavy, Nicole Walpert, Karina Vega, Esther Vasquez and Anna Lyles
Nail Assistance:
Jolene, Elisa, Syreeta, Piper and Kait
Production Assistance:
Lynn Zekanis, Kyd Drake, Kellie Tessear, Ali Juliano, Eric Lord, Matthew Ray, Blayke Kogan, Evan Gonzalez, Barton Bronstein and Matt MacMillion


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