Alexander Fury: Christian Lacroix A/W 87 Haute Couture

published on 22 May 2020

'This collection was the apotheosis of Lacroix's style, for me.'

Fashion critic Alexander Fury talks through his selection of the most notable fashion shows of history. Here he expounds on Christian Lacroix's debut haute couture show, presented in July 1987 after much anticipation by press and clients alike. Fury notes the cornucopia of historical references, from the 1780s to Dior's New Look, via Napoleon and Schiaparelli, and underscores this collection as a pinnacle of eighties exuberance before it evaporated, thanks in part to Black Monday, the stock market crash of 1987, that signalled the end of the decade's splash-the-cash decadence.

'This collection was the apotheosis of Lacroix's style, for me.'



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