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LiveStudio: Atsuko Kudo

published on 18 May 2012

Latex doyenne Atsuko Kudo provides a lesson in 'dressing for pleasure' in a fetishistic exploration of the dialogue between clothing and empowerment.

Latex doyenne Atsuko Kudo provides a lesson in 'dressing for pleasure' in a fetishistic exploration of the dialogue between clothing and empowerment.

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18 MAY 2012. 15:58

Q. What's the outfit inspiration?
We created the outfit specially for this. It is Superwoman. She is Superwoman.

18 MAY 2012. 15:55

Q. Who is the model?
SHOWstudio note: Our lovely model is Viktorija Skyte from Storm.

18 MAY 2012. 15:53

Q. What's the message from today's broadcast?
We want to show how latex can look and what it can do to as many people as possible. It's given us the time to concentrate. We didn't have to rush. We could just enjoy it.

18 MAY 2012. 15:49

Q. Which is your favourite piece that you have designed so far?
Each time is special. This is my favourite now.

18 MAY 2012. 15:39

Q. The playlist is great. Do you think there is a relationship between sex and music and fetish and music? Did you choose these songs for a particular reason?
The main thing was to try to have something that didn't jar with what she was wearing. that's difficult. It you have something to heavy it jars. We wanted to compliment the beautiful gentle light that Nick Knight and the elements have created. It's such a lovely light - like a painters studio. There are some conscious decisions in there.

18 MAY 2012. 15:37

Q. In making the garments- do you ever cut the latex on the body right away or is it a pattern that you cut from?
Both. Depending on what you're making. It depends how your skin is, the latex reacts differently to different skins. You have to adapt to make it perfect. You always have to adapt and change it and make it work as you go along during fittings.

18 MAY 2012. 15:04

Q. What have been the biggest changes to latex in the past years? Colour choices? Transparent? Chlorinated?
Many more colours and prints available. Much more acceptance of the fabric as legitimate, if you can call it that. Now it's just like another a fabric, but still a kinky fabric. Which is quite a good place to be! Some of the biggest changes are design led. These latex nails are an example of that - it's lace print latex nails being applied to latex gloves. It's an advanced, boundary pushing technique. John Sutcliffe back in the 50s and 60s and 70s probably wasn't thinking of this. But Atskuo wants to do more - she wants to always push what she can do with the sexual and sensual possibilities of the fabric.

18 MAY 2012. 15:03

Q. How does latex feel to wear?
Nice! It holds you in like a second skin. It's empowering. You become like Superwoman!

18 MAY 2012. 14:55

Q. will this streaming be possible to view afterwards , on DVD for example ? due to professional reasons I wasn't in the opportunity to view the entire streaming with the sound on.
SHOWstudio note: As with the majority of our livestreams - we will be making a process film from the footage when the broadcast is complete. We hope you'll be able to enjoy it then. Stay tuned for it in the next few weeks.

18 MAY 2012. 14:48

Q. Loving this. This is a question about fetish in general. 'The masses are moving towards fetish'- Simon. Do you think we live therefore in a world whereby people are more and more accepting and open to the idea of fetish? Or will fetish always be an underground thing?
It seems like it's got an evolution to go more and more overground. I mean who could have imagined that beautiful heels like these Kirkwood ones would have been anything more than a fetish item? Latex gloves, corsetry or latex bras - why would they not make that same journey? Only time will tell. The corset is right behind high heels in that march - you can almost buy a corset in any town now. I think that its an evolution thing. Maybe high heels will become involved in human evolution - maybe in a few hundred thousand years we'll have grown bones there instead - it just seems humans love lifting the backs of their legs.

18 MAY 2012. 14:48

Q. Do you agree that fetish has become really popular in fashion now? Do you like that?
Fetish has translated to the high street. Look at high heels. It shows that the masses are prepared to get involved in fetish. People put up with pain for the gain. We sell far fewer heels than we used to because they are so freely available on the high street. So now we have to sell the really kinky stuff - like ballet boots or heels with butt plugs attached. But it's great to see people getting involved with fetish.

18 MAY 2012. 14:41

Q. The gloves looked really hard to put on - are they possible to put on without a helper?
It would say it's impossible to do it yourself - you'd need a lot of lube and patience. Perhaps it's possible - but it would be hard. Like everything else with fetish clothing it's all about how much you want it!

18 MAY 2012. 14:37

Q. Please, tell the process of creating, the way from inspiration to client.
We do our own collections - but we also have people who come to us. Atsuko comes up with the inspiration and she will design each collection. But people have choice about things like colour and trim, because everything is handmade -for example this set is available in lots of different tones and colours, with trims and without. It's nice that people can get what they want - it doesn't have to be the same as what your friend got! Clients can have a huge choice.

18 MAY 2012. 14:35

Q. Are your garments made to measure? Can the latex you use be put on any size body?
Latex works as shapewear. It's not just for perfect figures. It can shrink and give support - it makes the most of the female form. You don't have to have the fantastic form our model has to look amazing if the latex is cut right. Lots of people might have had a bad experience buying cheap latex or latex off the peg. If it's made to fit you it will be good - it won't give you a sausage effect. It will give you an amazing shape.

18 MAY 2012. 14:29

Q. What is the strangest item you've ever made?
The doggy walk outfit - that was something that I [Atsuko] chose to make. It ended up being bought by a famous film director. It was like a codpiece for a man, but in the shape of the front of dachshund with little ears. So it was strapped to the man's crotch. It had a lead attached and the lead was held by a woman. So the pecking order was lady, dog, man. As the lady walked along the little dog's head moved. The lady had a bucket and shovel as well.

18 MAY 2012. 14:20

Q. with whom you would love to collaborate ? ..latex versus....making a movie? fashion show? or ....working on something out of the box?
Well of course right now we are collaborating with SHOWstudio, and we are absolutely loving it! We are so happy. But we love everything we do, every job, every collaboration. Each customer is special to us.

18 MAY 2012. 14:07

Q. What influences you most when designing your garments?

18 MAY 2012. 13:58

Q. when atsudo kudo for men?
We do! We have ties, braces, cravats, cufflinks, cuffs, hats, collars, jackets. It's not really day-wear! We do also make a lot of ladies clothes for men. We don't have it online, but we do have it in our London store. I promise we'll get some menswear photographed so people who aren't in London can see it.

18 MAY 2012. 13:48

Q. do they ever have to put lots of talcum powder on to get the latex to slide or fit properly? I see no lines of powder so I am guessing they do not, but still...?
We use talc on darker coloured latex cos you can wipe it away. On the lighter colours we tend to use lube.

18 MAY 2012. 13:45

Q. The garments all must take a while to make- how long on average and what has been/is the most time consuming one?
From what she's wearing - the stockings, because of the lace and the seams and heels. It's a lot of details. they are very complex. Normally you would say the bra because it has the underwiring and adjustable straps. It takes a long time - the stockings took about 4 hours. These stockings took 4 times longer than a normal one.

18 MAY 2012. 13:37

Q. What's the most difficult item you've ever had to make?
For Lady Gaga, her 'Marry the Night' video, we had to make 6 identical ballerina outfits in latex. All the tutus had to feel fluffy and real, but made from latex. It look so long. They had to be like latex souffles. It was so hard. We had to dye them with teabags. Each tutu had 100 latex tubes. So we made 600 for all the outfits. Each one took a long time. It does look amazing in the video though! Armour For Prostitutes, that's currently on show in the SHOWstudio gallery, was also very very hard.

18 MAY 2012. 13:37

Q. hi Ako and simon, its anna T... what would be ur dream outfit to make? x x x
I'd love to make an outfit for the Queen. One-day I will! I would make her a suit. In pink - for Anna! The Queen loves colour. People always say things about older women in colour, but just look at the Queen! She wears just as much colour as Anna Trevelyan - that's an achievement! Thanks Anna.

18 MAY 2012. 13:28

Q. What are your most popular items that you sell? Dresses? Catsuits? or accessories?
Stockings probably are. They are endlessly popular. Dresses and leggings are also popular as well. People wear lots of our items as fashion items - latex leggings with cotton or wool. Our little gloves are also popular. We have so many items - and we don't really do seasons, we always keep the old stuff alongside the new.

18 MAY 2012. 13:22

Q. How did Simon and Atsuko start working together?
We met in a sex shop. In the back of a fetish shop. I [Atsuko] was given a job there, making a gimp mask. But I was so slow that I got fired. But Simon kept me on to make other things and we started working together as I really wanted to master the art of making latex clothing. It took a long time. I'm still learning now.

18 MAY 2012. 13:13

Q. does the thickness of the latex denote quality and price ? martin
The thickness denotes suitability of purpose. With stockings you always use a thinner style because you want it to be stretchy. The briefs are thinner as well - it makes it sheer. The choker is obviously thick because it has a shape. You need different thicknesses for different items. You can layer latex together, as some colours only come in thin latex for example.

18 MAY 2012. 13:00

Q. Hello! You make sexy and strong latex things for women. What do you think about the latex for men? Will it be as sexy for man as for women? Anton. From Russia with Love.
We have in the past. We've made 'male' items for women, like braces. And we've made things for 'Ladyboys'. it is a certain kind of man that wears our clothes though...

18 MAY 2012. 12:56

Q. Who wears your clothes?
It's very very diverse. It can be anyone. We've had women over 80 and women under 18, because with due respect, latex doesn't have to be about sex.

18 MAY 2012. 12:51

Q. Hi, does Atsuko like to wear latex herself?
I do. Not as much as I would like to now - because I'm always so busy dressing other people! But I do like to wear it.

18 MAY 2012. 12:51

Q. are there any rules or advice we should know about wearing latex? does it irritate the skin after a while?
Each individual person reacts differently - you just need to determine what suits you. Luckily today Viktorija is reacting like a dream!

18 MAY 2012. 12:44

Q. Hi Atsuko :) What dressing aid are you using?
You need moisture. So we are using lubricants - we use special water based ones, not oil ones. You can put it on your skin or in the garment itself. It can help make the garment shiny.

18 MAY 2012. 12:12

Q. Is there a main source of inspiration behind the pieces that you will be showing us today?
I love the texture of the latex on the skin. I wanted lace around the top of the stockings, as it frames the crotch. And I love the seams - they highlight the bottom. I liked mixing the new fabric with the retro feel.

18 MAY 2012. 09:59

Q. Why is your design called 'armour for prostitutes'?
Every prostitute needs armour. I think with sex you have to protect yourself - both emotionally and physically.

18 MAY 2012. 09:50

Q. Describe the Atsuko Kudo woman.
This lady in front of you. She is beautiful and feminine and strong. Women need strength in their clothing to be you. The femininity in the clothing is the strength - it's kind of the opposite of power dressing. It's empowered dressing.

18 MAY 2012. 09:49

Q. How has the experience of working with Lady Gaga been?
We loved working with her she's amazing. She challenged us because she's challenging herself. She always pushes herself, so she pushes her collaborators as well.

18 MAY 2012. 09:27

Q. How did you come to work with latex?
I discovered it when I was in Tokyo. I thought it was beautiful and unusual. I liked the challenge.

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