Safer Steps

Launched on 09 February 2001

Why you should 'always give your new leather soles a bit of a rubdown with sandpaper before venturing out for a night on the town'. A cautionary story by poet, Andy Stick, presented via a (literally) in-your-face film created by Nick Knight alongside an essay exploring the work of this postmodern poet.

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Flowers For Kate

15 November 2007
Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. SHOWstudio orchestrated a twist on the S/S 08 trend as a special tribute to supermodel Kate Moss.

The Thing That Killed My Mother

30 January 2019
Sonny Hall breaks down addiction, grieving and healing in this bittersweet project.

Poetry In Motion

21 March 2021
Exploring the everlasting bond between poetry and fashion, poets are invited to respond to the best looks from the best moments from the recent collections.
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